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Sound Storm’s Golden Anniversary

Fifty years ago This Week in Rock History, I was a part of Wisconsin’s first outdoor rock festival. The Sound Storm event took place April 24-26, 1970, on a farm near Poynette, about a half-hour from Madison. But I spent more than three days there, being part — albeit the unpaid part — of the workforce that put on the festival. Sound Storm happened eight months or so after the legendary Woodstock festival, and everybody in the “counterculture” of Madison, where I was living at the time, was pretty excited about the prospect of something similar happening in that area. An acquaintance from my hometown, Janesville, recruited me to work the festival. The only pay being offered was free admissio

Prine-ized: So Long, John

It was a week ago that I learned that John Prine had died — apparently, the first Maker of The Music to fall victim to the Coronavirus pandemic. I first heard of his passing from my favorite DJ on satellite radio, Earle Bailey. And Earle waited until the end of his of Deep Tracks shift — and you could tell why, because he got kind of choked up, as he signed off “from the dunes of Cape Cod.” I got a little teary-eyed myself. That the Makers of The Music — the pop artists and rock and rollers of the 1960s and ’70s, in particular — would be stricken by this disease is unsurprising; they (and those of us who have listened to them since the beginning) are getting to be the age that makes them vul

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