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Can't Get It 

   Outta My Head

           A Baby Boomer


           Muses on The Music

       Welcome to Can’t Get It Outta My Head: A Baby Boomer Muses on Our Music, my blog about the music of the 1960s and ’70s.

       I’m a native of southern Wisconsin, growing up a few miles north of Janesville and graduating from Milton Union High. I attended the University of Wisconsin campuses in Janesville and Madison, moving to Mad City in the summer of 1969.

       After the UW ended my academic career short of a degree — I’ve been kicked out of nicer places — I drove cab and worked a variety of  jobs, before landing in journalism. I wrote and photographed for Wisconsin weekly newspapers in Sauk City, Arcadia and Whitehall over a 40-year period, retiring in November 2014.

       During those four decades, I wrote hundreds of opinion columns, occasionally about the music I enjoyed (or didn’t like). Relevant essays that ran in he most recent of those forums — Struggling Weekly, its predecessor, Between the Buttons, and Rock Steady, the music column I wrote for several years — are included in the Archive and are dated October 2014 and earlier.

       I have enjoyed rock and roll music for five and a half decades, and decided to share my interest in the art form through this forum. CGIOMH is mostly for entertainment purposes; although I will strive to be as factual and accurate as possible, a lot of the content will be my opinions and recollections.

        Questions and comments can be emailed to:


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