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2017’s Musical Passages, Part I

The recently-departed year perhaps wasn’t as tough on Makers of The Music as its predecessor, but there were some major musical passages during 2017. You’ll recall 2016, which saw the likes of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Keith Emerson, Glenn Frey, Dale Griffin, Paul Kantner, Greg Lake, Prince, Leon Russell and Maurice White shuffle off that mortal coil. Last year’s significant departures included five I blogged about, Greg Allman, Walter Becker, Chuck Berry, J. Geils and Tom Petty. But I missed a few, too, most notably Fats Domino, who died Oct. 24 at the age of 89. The singer and pianist recorded early rock and roll classics like “Ain’t It a Shame,” “Blueberry Hill,” and “Shake, Rattle and

Miller Light?

Periodically, SiriusXM’s Deep Tracks runs an audio clip of an interview with Steve Miller, during which the artist says something about the age of the fans of his music, that they range from 14-years-old to whatever, with the implication that it is because of its universal appeal. That clip is followed by songs that often prove that those in the younger end of that age spectrum, at least, have an excuse for their lack of sophistication. Music that is not particularly adventurous paired with lyrics that are often simplistic, when they’re not incomprehensible. So, coming up on the 50th anniversary of the recording of the first Steve Miller Band album, what can we say about the artist? He’s cer

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