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Al Stewart’s Histories in Song

The Continuing Digitization Project almost took a U-turn — maybe taking a Mulligan would be a better description — before continuing last week. Amongst the vinyl-to-rip piled on my bookshelf was Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat. Which was odd, because I could have sworn that was one of the first LPs I digitized a decade or so ago, when I got my Ion turntable, but it wasn’t in my iTunes library. I keep an index of my Audacity project, though, and there it was. And the folder was still in the Music folder. So I scratched my head, reloaded the songs into iTunes. And listened to it. And remembered why I like Stewart’s stuff. But I could be getting ahead of myself, because Al Stewart may not be a hou

Picking the Premiere Pickers

Awhile back, Alert Reader (hope Dave Barry didn’t copyright that!) Mike Shoup commented on an entry in my This Week in Rock History concerning the birthday of guitarist Peter Green. The former Fleetwood Mac frontman, it noted, was ranked 38th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Mike observed that the Rolling Stone list far underrated Green, who he personally ranked among the greatest of all. I tended to agree — but also had to inform him that it was worse than he thought. My source for that item had gotten it wrong, I said, and the ex-Big Mac six-string wizard was ranked even lower than that. Or so I thought at the time. Actually, RS has two 100 Great

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