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Falling Up Your Playlist

Monday is the first day of autumn, in some ways my favorite season. If only it didn’t back up against winter … Anyway, in this time of the most obvious change in the seasons — green leaves turning brown, the days growing noticeably shorter, birds queuing up to fly south, etc. — why not cue up a playlist for fall? Get all falled up, sort of. So I did what I quite often do in these situations: I searched my personal memory banks, found them deficient, then Googled it. Searching on “rock songs about fall” nets you a bunch of lists — many of the songs on which are not rock, but that’s OK. Many of them I’ve never heard of, too, but that’s all right as well — broadening my horizons. There were als

Old News Reviews: ‘All Things’ Passed

Amongst the additions to my audio library the past year or so were several albums — some from Cousin Bill’s stash, some from Big Brother Jim’s Ceaseless CD Search — by George Harrison. Those solo projects by the ex-Beatle included All Things Must Pass, Harrison’s third on-his-own album but the first to include vocals. The LP was released in 1970, but much of the music was created before that year, and many of its pieces fell into place 50 years ago. I of course have heard much of the album — how could a Muser on The Music not, because so many of its songs got FM airplay? But I never bought it, or listened to it in its entirety until recently. But before I get to this first Old News Reviews i

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