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My Favorite Concerts, Part 1

Jeanne’s and my recent vacation could have involved attending a concert by one of two Makers of the Music. Our getaway unfortunately didn’t include a live show. Tickets for Van Morrison — a major Bucket List performer for me — in Boston were crazy expensive ($400 a pop!), and we decided not to make a fourth visit to the Cape anyway, opting instead for the Oregon coast. Todd Rundgren in Madison was much more reasonable, but seeing the Wizard and True Star would have upped the price of our airfare, and required more complicated travel arrangements. But thinking about those two concerts inspired me to reflect upon the live Music events I have attended. Backing up, I’m probably not the best pers

Somethings Old Are Things New

Added a bunch of new old music to my library over the summer, courtesy of a couple family members. Cousin Bill, an Alert Reader of this blog, came to our family reunion in early August from Indiana, bringing with him a jump drive chock-full of music. Older brother Jim, who had been haunting the second-hand stores again, also showed up with a bagful of CDs. Bill’s treasure trove was by far the largest — literally hundreds of albums, running the gamut from country to pop to rock and back again. To the point where my eyes started to glaze over, and I struggled to search through the directory AND indentify photos in the slideshow and converse with cousins, some of whom I hadn’t met before, some

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