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“How Long” Had It?

We were on the road a few weeks ago, listening to one of the soft-rock stations on Sirius — The Bridge, or maybe Yacht Rock, compromise listening for Jeanne and I — when “How Long” came on. The hit by the British band Ace is one of those pleasant, anodyne mid-70s FM standards: a nice hook, a good groove, etc. So non-threatening, that I’d never really listened to the lyrics before. But more about that later. The thought that came to me when the song started, as it usually does, is the One-Hit Wonder thing. (I’ve been meaning to blog about that phenomenon, and will eventually.) When I hear that Ace song, I ask myself, what the heck else did they do? Turns out, not much. The band was formed in

Vary Us, and Sun Dry

Some bits and pieces … Joni Reprised My blog post about Joni Mitchell’s 75th-birthday post ran a bit long, so I never got to the lady’s appearance at the concert held in her honor, and featuring her music. Mitchell was in the audience, and was brought up on stage for the finale, “Big Yellow Taxi” — not her highest-charting single, but one of her best-known — performed by the artists who had showcased her songs those two nights in November 2018. The victim of a 2015 brain aneurism that left her partially incapacitated, Joni was led into the hall, and helped up on the stage. Worse yet— she looked old. Yes, she was 75, but that age doesn’t necessarily mean you look elderly. Part of it was the a

Joni 76: A Cerebration

OK, the name of the PBS special this blog post is about is Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. But I didn’t see it until Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell was almost 11 months on her way to age 76. I’ve been a big fan of Mitchell’s for four and a half decades or so, ever since finding her fourth album, Blue, in that stash of reel-to-reel tapes, given to me by my friends, which I’ve blogged about previously. I’d probably heard her songs before — “Big Yellow Taxi” and “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio,” in particular, got some Top 40 airplay — but nothing that grabbed me like “A Case of You” or “Little Green.” I stumbled across Joni 75, a Public Broadcasting System Great Performances special, o

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