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My Book Rapport

A few weeks ago, I blogged about books that I was reading — so, teachers, I guess my book report is due. One of the two I mentioned then, “Anatomy of a Song” by Marc Myers, I have been able to finish. Which is something of an accomplishment — an inveterate reader only three decades ago, I have more recently gotten out of the habit of booking it. But that has changed in the past year, and part of the inspiration for that was reading about The Music. “Anatomy” was a fun read, finished a week or so ago. But I have not been able to return to the other music-oriented book I mentioned previousy, “Fortunate Son: My Music, My Life,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival co-founder John Fogerty. Too painfu

Not Quite in the Mellencamp

When Cousin/Alert Reader Bill K. shared music with me last summer, I found myself grabbing albums by John Cougar Mellencamp. (Or John Mellen Cougarcamp, as a confused radio call-in once referred to him.) Then, I got home, went through the folder, and asked myself, “Why did I do that? I’m not that nuts about Mellencamp.” Why is that, you may ask? I was into John(ny) Cougar, which is how he first entered our consciousness, back in 1979, with “I Need a Lover.” That song knocked me out — the driving beat, lyrics like “Some girl who knows the meaning of/Hey hit the highway.” Ditto for “Ain’t Even Done with the Night, which has those great lines “You got your hands in my back pockets/And Sam Cooke

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