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The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen

Aretha died the other day, which could be just another case of a 1960s rock musician coming to the end of their Biblical three score and 12, give or take a few years. Since I started this blog a couple years ago, I’ve written about many such deaths. Many of those who have passed during that period were, arguably, victims of their own excesses: drugs and/or alcohol, sexual license, etc. Aretha, contrarily, fell to that variety of cancer that is so unforgiving, and so unrelated to lifestyle: pancreatic. But that is largely irrelevant to Franklin’s impact on The Music. Much of that influence was tossed around in the eulogies and tributes that I heard on cable news today: dozens of No. 1 hits, e

Dan Hicks’ Hot Licks Revisited

A recent Al Fresco Audio Outing on my deck was spent with one of the most unusual bands of the late 1960s and ’70s, a group that crossed genres and mixed styles, led by a musician who had a bigger influence on The Music than most people realize. Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks blended jazz, folk, country, swing and other styles, with more than a dash of humor and an emphasis on live performance. I only have one of their albums, but it’s Return to Hicksville, a best-of compilation from 1997 covering the band’s years with Blue Thumb Records, 1971-73. That period culminated with Last Train to Hicksville, the group’s highest-charting LP and the album that brought a critically-acclaimed band to a wid

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