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The month of January includes both the 80th anniversary of Phil Everly’s birth, and the fifth anniversary of his death, which makes it a good time to reflect on what he and his brother Don (Feb. 1 birthday) meant to The Music. And a good occasion to watch again the 2016 British Broadcasting Co. special The Everly Brothers: Harmonies from Heaven, which not only features the Brothers’ music. It also delves into their influences, who they influenced and the cultural milieu — the late 1950s and early ’60s — in which they became one of the biggest acts in pop and country and western music. But first, let’s reflect on what these two young men did in a five-year span, starting in 1957 and ending ju

2018: The Year in Passing, Part II

We resume our recapitulation of the Makers of the Music who left the planet during 2018: • Mickey Jones, who died at 76 on Feb. 7, got his start as drummer for early-60s pop star Trini Lopez, then drummed for Johnny Rivers before being hired to replace Levon Helm as drummer for what would become the Band, performing on Dylan’s 1966 breakthrough rock world tour. Jones had switched to acting the following year, when he was invited to drum for Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, playing with them until the band broke up in 1976. After that, he acted full-time, appearing in numerous movies and TV shows. • Dennis Edwards, who died at age 74 on Feb. 2, was lead singer for the monster

2018: The Year in Passing, Part I

The year 2018 has passed — and during it, so did a number of those involved in influencing and making The Music. It wasn’t quite as bad a year for rock and pop musicians as 2016, when we lost the likes of David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner, Leon Russell and others. But a bunch of musicians left the planet during the preceding 12 months who either made rock or pop, or influenced it. (There were enough artists exiting stage left, and enough to say about them, that it will take a couple blog posts to cover them. Bear with me …) Certainly the most significant death was that of Aretha Franklin, on Aug. 16. I blogged about the Queen of Soul shortly after her passing, so I won’t recapitulate her

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