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Old News Reviews No. 1

(The first in a continuing series of reviews of Music that is old[er], but new to me.) Relayer, Yes, 1974 I added this album to my library about three weeks ago, inspired by the blog posts I wrote about my favorite concerts. One of those shows was a November 1974 gig that pretty much coincided with the first release of Yes’s seventh studio album, and was part of the tour promoting the LP. But, writing that post, I thought it odd that I didn’t remember the cuts from Relayer being performed, and all three of them were. I did, however, remember the songs from Close to the Edge, the band’s fifth LP, being played. That was perhaps because I really liked, and still do, that album. But after writin

Rock in This House

Thirty-eight years ago last week, I moved into the house where this blog is written. As was my procedure in my too-frequent previous moves, the first thing my helper, Al, and I unloaded was the stereo gear. Because you can’t do anything without tunes. How I listened to The Music back then was on equipment dating from my Mad City days, five to 10 years earlier. The receiver was OK, an Allied unit, as I recall, but without a lot of power. Enough, though, to run the speakers, which were no-name, but adequate, two-way acoustic suspension. The turntable wasn’t a very good one, and that showed in the condition of the albums that I owned at the time. I didn’t have a lot — Van Morrison’s first two r

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