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A Hall Pass

Yes, I know I’ve written the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice in recent months. But I promise this will be the last time — until the next round of nominations, anyway. The RRHF announced the 2018 inductees a couple weeks ago, and I will give some credit to the powers that be in Cleveland, and wherever else those who have the final say hang out. The 900 non-fan voters — music writers, industry professionals, Hall of Fame members, etc. — corrected some glaring, if not smack-your-forehead, mistakes cast by the hoi polloi. They also introduced one head-scratcher, but we’ll get to that in a moment. To refresh your memory, the Hall nominated the following 18 acts and artists for consideration for

The Other Day The Music Died?

Feb. 3, 1959 is often referred to, somewhat hyperbolically, as “The Day that Music Died.” Yes, we lost three major early rock and roll stars in a light plane crash; two of them, Buddy Holley and Ritchie Valens, likely would have developed into even more significant artists. But rock music lived on. No one ever calls Dec. 9, 1967, “The Day that Soul Music Died.” But 50 years ago last weekend, rhythm and blues, rock, soul and popular music in general lost an immense talent who was just hitting his stride. That late fall afternoon, a twin-engined private plane owned by Otis Redding crashed into Lake Monona in Madison, Wis. Redding and his band, the Bar-Kays, were en route from Cleveland, Ohio,

Vote the Rock, Deck the Hall

Somebody give me one of those “I Voted!” stickers. No, it’s not a political election year, at least not in my neck of the woods — I voted on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination ballot, for the first time. Not that it will do much of any good, looking at the current “standings.” (Warning — you have to vote to see the totals, apparently.) I blogged about this year’s proposed inductees, and the RRHF induction process, on Oct. 19, after the 2018 nominees were announced. I still think the process is flawed, and its premise is faulty, but I decided to put up or shut up. My ballot contained four of the five acts that I said six weeks ago that I would vote for: Link Wray, the Moody Blues, Sist

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