Today in Whitehall-area History

May 18, 1950

            Oluf Huskelhus and Martin Mattison of Hale were in town Thursday on business. Oluf said that he and his brothers are taking it a little easier on the farm now, and have most of their fields in hay, eliminating the grain crop to relieve themselves of that extra work.

May 18, 1921

            A Ford load of young people on pleasure bent attempted to travel Dewey St. last night. This is a prohibited thoroughfare during the improvement, and many water and sewer excavations are open. The car ran into one of these and some time was spent in getting out, coming to the top with a badly twisted flivver.

May 18, 1896

            The Whitehall flouring mill started up again last Monday. Mr. Larson has had a long and tedious delay in getting his flume in readiness, more on account of the heavy rains during the progress of the work than the real damage to the property from the wash-out.