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Today in Whitehall-area History

January 26, 1971

            Miss Faith Haukedalen, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Sven Haukedalen, Whitehall, is a recent graduate of the United Air Lines Stewardess Training Center, Chicago, Ill., and has been assisned to the O’Hare International Airport stewardess base there. She attended Biola College, LaMirada, Calif., before enrolling in the stewardess training.

January 26, 1957

            H.D. Briggs returned Saturday from a four-week vacation in Texas, going with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Johnson of Chippewa Falls. They basked in the sunshine and warmth at Brownsville and Harlingen.

January 26, 1928

      The moving picture show at the Opera House last Thursday afternoon evening, sponsored by the Auto Sales Co., which showed the manufacture of the new Ford car and the growing of rubber on Firestone plantations in Liberia, was well attended. In the afternoon schools were closed at 2:30 and the students allowed to attend the show for educational instruction. In the evening village and rural people were there in large numbers. The show was interesting and educational.

January 26, 1912

            Pigeon Falls — An association was formed here Friday evening, styled the Pigeon Falls Dairy Association. N.F. Hegge was chosen president and O.E. Larson, secretary, of the association. Eighteen members joined.

January 26, 1899

            Marshal William Abbott is out again after a few weeks’ confinement with an affection of the lower limbs. Mr. Abbott has not much confidence in itinerant physicians, as he tried the last one that struck town and was made worse, instead of having his condition improved.

January 26, 1886

            L.L. Solsrud, Lou Fredrickson and Abbot Lawrence donned the snowshoe and sped down the slope of Sherwood Hill Tuesday. There is a great deal of sport in the festive but treacherous snowshoe.

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