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Today in Whitehall-area History

June 15, 1969

            Leonard B. Ellison, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Ellison of Whitehall, will be ordained into the ministry during a service to be held this Sunday afternoon at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church.

June 15, 1959

            The ordination of Richard Rice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rice, Whitehall, into the Evangelical Lutheran Church as a pastor will be performed Sunday at 2 p.m. sat Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. He has accepted a call to serve two congregations near Tofte in northern Minnesota.

June 15, 1944

            The Fair Oaks Dairy, owned and operated by the Rasmussen brothers, Ernest and Reuben, has taken over the milk route at Independence formerly operated by Claude Jackson of West Lincoln. Fair Oaks formerly had competition from the A.E. Nehring farm and the Hjalmer Foss Dairy, but the latter two sold their routes to the Rasmussens. To furnish all the milk required, purchases have to be made from other sources, in addition to the product of their own large herd of Holsteins.

June 15, 1931

            The petition for sewer on Ellis Street was rejected by the village board at a special session Monday, the board deciding that when the large project is undertaken, other sewer and water extensions will be constructed at the same time.

June 15, 1919

            During the heavy storm Sunday afternoon, the Methodist Episcopal church was struck by lightning and several pieces of siding and some shingles were torn from the belfry.

June 15, 1907

            Miss Rheuamy Dissmore departed Saturday for Farmington, Minn., to visit relatives. 

June 15, 1893

            C.W. Harnden has bought out the interest of his partner, F.C. Breed, in the city livery.

June 15, 1882

            Grain is suffering terribly from the drought, and farmers are complaining of their corn growing downwards.

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