Today in Whitehall-area History

January 17, 1972

            Eugene McDevitt, owner of Geno’s Restaurant and Geno’s Pub, has purchased the 53 Bar and bowling alley from Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Pavek, and took over management Monday.

January 17, 1957

            Mayor Clarence Kaas has appointed Aldermen Lester Brennom, Clarence Johnson and Eyvind Peterson to the newly-created industrial development committee.

January 17, 1943

            John and Sidney Gilbertson went to Minneapolis Sunday to purchase stock for the Whitehall Hardware and Furniture Store. Sidney returned Tuesday, while John remained several days longer.

January 17, 1923

            A large number of applicants for the position of patrolmen appeared before the highway commissioner and the road and bridge committee yesterday. Only a few changes were made, among them Theron Scott’s assignment to section 29 on the country trunk, Frank Gimza going to section nine on the state trunk.

January 17, 1907

            Delightful winter weather. The sleighing couldn’t be improved, and the days are growing longer.

January 17, 1884

            It is said that fence posts cut at this time of the year will last twice as long as those cut in the spring.