Today in Whitehall-area History

January 16, 1950

            Willis Briggs and Oscar Lovelien, Whitehall gents, hobnobbed with popular movie star and radio celebrity Gene Autry in this city Monday. Hensel Jacobson recognized Autry, who was filling engagements in the area and en route from Rochester to Eau Claire, in a station wagon between here and Blair, called the Briggs Transport Co. Willis and Oscar stood on the corner of Main and Scranton streets, and as the station wagon rolled down the avenue they stepped out and gave the highball to Autry, who pulled over to the curb and got out. Willis and Oscar went over and greeted him, and the Whitehall fans state that Autry is a real fellow and it was a pleasure to meet him personally.

January 16, 1921

            The first anniversary of constitutional prohibition was celebrated at the Baptist church Sunday night. Judge Hensel took as his theme the judicial phase of the question, pointing out some of the obstacles to the enforcement of the 18th Amendment and how to correct them. The storm kept many away, but the few that were there are said to have found new light and deepened conviction of the need for prohibition.

January 15, 1895

            Tuesday, the 15th, was payday for the Whitehall creamery and brought a goodly number of people to town. Some $3,600 was distributed to patrons of the creamery, which is about the amount of the monthly payroll.