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Today in Whitehall-area History

February 23, 1967

            Chester Everson, who farms in the Coral City area, saw something unusual Friday. He was out in his field when he observed 11 deer come out of the woods, then walk slowly in single file to the river.

February 23, 1955

      Warren Herried spent from Monday to Wednesday evening in Milwaukee. He was there on business with the 438th Fighter Bomber Wing Air Reserve, with which he is a first lieutenant.

February 23, 1945

            A varied assortment of food will be served at the meeting of the Fuller Coulee Community Club tomorrow evening, at which the young women of the community will be the hostesses. The program preceding the lunch will include a vocal solos by Delores Hanson, Orin Nyseth and Shirley Kastad, a reading by Donald Ackley, and a piano duet by Adeline and Helen Lundberg.

February 23, 1930

            The fire company was called to extinguish a chimney fire at the Mrs. L.C. Olson residence Sunday noon.

February 23, 1919

            Gustav Lunstad received from the treasury department last Monday a blank affidavit to fill out in order to secure the $10,000 insurance on the life of his son John who, as the letter states, “died on the first of November 1918.” Poor Jack is in hard luck. He can’t get a furlough because he is listed as dead, and his father can’t get his insurance because Jack is very much alive.

February 23, 1905

      The Whitehall and Pigeon Trading Association has purchased a new gasoline engine to replace its old one. The new one is a Fairbanks four-horsepower engine, obtained through G.S. Rice. It is a first-class engine and easy to operate.

February 23, 1892

            The fair weather flag floated Tuesday and Wednesday during a slow storm of sleet and snow (only local, however), the fair weather arriving this morning. The roads are about half water.

February 23, 1876

            Crops are looking splendid. What are we to send to the centennial? The Black Hills excitement is reviving.

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