of the Past

Thursday, June 25, 1931

            A large barn on the Ludwig Berg farm in Hale was destroyed by wind during the storm Friday night. Other residents of that area suffering damage were Henry Harnisch and Albert J. Larson; lightning struck a summer kitchen on the L.J. Schansberg farm east of Whitehall.

June 6, 1932

     Lightning struck the clothesline in the yard of the Magnus Christianson residence on Blair Street during a severe electrical storm Monday morning and followed the wire to the house, where it tore some wallboards loose and broke windowpanes. 


June 14, 1936

            The Peter Zilla house in Elk Creek, occupied by Gunder Scott and his sister, Berget, was struck by lightning during a storm Sunday night and burned. Only the walls remain standing, and the Scotts have moved their belongings to the schoolhouse and are living with neighbors.

Thursday, June 13, 1940

     During the electrical storm early Thursday morning lightning killed a horse on the Oscar Fremstad farm in Fuller Coulee, and three heifers on the Magda Finstad place, also in Fuller Coulee. A hog house on the Rudolph Holmen farm was destroyed by a fire started by lightning.

June 15, 1944

     Heavy wind, electrical, rain and hail storms hit various parts of this area Thursday and on Sunday morning and afternoon. The fury of the storms hit hardest in the Pleasantville area, where 12 head of cattle on the Alder Myren farm were killed Thursday night, and telephone service to Pigeon Falls, Pleasantville and many rural areas was knocked out. The storm early Sunday knocked over a corn crib on the Sam Filla farm in Hale, killing two cows that had taken shelter there, and four cows and two horses on the Palmer Hjelsand place in Vosse Coulee were killed. Sunday afternoon’s storm brought hailstones the size of hen’s eggs, which did extensive damage to gardens and small crops.


June 16, 1944

     Lightning struck the Ole A. Hanson residence near York Friday morning, entering through an electric outlet to which a hot plate was connected, breaking off the corner of a table and shattering dishes.