of the Past

December 22, 1910

            Isaac Nelson of Pigeon was among the first to strip his tobacco, having two tons ready for market.


February 16,1911

            Christ Anderson and son John of Pigeon received $191.65 for tobacco raised on about two acres.

February 11, 1915

            A.O. Ostring and E. Johnson took in two cars of tobacco for a Milton firm Saturday.

February 20, 1919

            The work at the tobacco warehouse is progressing nicely. Twenty sorters have employment, and the work will last until about the middle of March.

December 30, 1919

            The warehouse of the Mabbett Leaf Tobacco Co. was opened Tuesday morning by E.A. Sorenson, with O.C. Torson as foreman. Tobacco is arriving daily. Sorters are receiving $1.75 per 100 pounds, which is more than has ever before been paid.

January 21, 1922

            Pleasantville — Several loads of tobacco passed through here Saturday on the way to Whitehall.

February 5, 1931

            The Holtan Tobacco Co. is buying large quantities of the 1930 crop in Trempealeau and surrounding counties. They have received 10 carloads at Whitehall, approximately 350,000 pounds, which has been shipped to their warehouse in Stoughton for sorting.

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