of the Past

January 9, 1947

            The Lions Club, in cooperation with the city council, has fitted up the skating rink in Melby Park so that it is attracting adults as well as youngsters. The rink was flooded as early as possible, but the biggest attractions are a warming place and music. The door of the log cabin in the park has been moved to the north side to provide easier access for the skaters, the interior has been cleaned and a stove added. A juke box has been rented, and music can be heard from the park both day and evening.

June 19, 1947

            Ladies interested in kittenball are asked to meet at Melby Park Monday evening at seven o’clock. All are welcome.

 July 3, 1947

            The baseball diamond at Melby Park has been re-laid, having been moved several feet north. This provides a deeper outfield and eliminates fly balls from being driven into the stately elms that line Park Drive. City Electrician Leonard Gruntzel and his assistant, Edward Van Sickle, have erected the necessary poles and are installing the lights that will illuminate the field for Whitehall Millers baseball games and Whitehall High football contests. The Iverson-Larson Lumber Co. is erecting moveable bleachers that will seat approximately 500 spectators.

July 24, 1947

            The dedication of the new lighted athletic field at Melby Park will be held this Sunday, and will include a state championship competition for model jet cars and airplanes and a baseball game between the Millers and Mondovi in the afternoon. At 6:30 p.m., the Blair and Whitehall all-stars will play a game of softball, which has become a popular sport in this community this summer. A baseball game under the lights between Whitehall and Pigeon Falls will follow the 8 p.m. dedication ceremony. The Lions club, whose membership consists of young Whitehall businessmen, is sponsoring the dedication.

July 27, 1947

            An estimated 2,000 people witnessed the dedication of the new lighted athletic field in Melby Park Sunday evening. Prior to the start of the first baseball game to be played at night here, the new lights were dimmed for 30 seconds in memory of James Garaghan, the Whitehall Millers’ pitcher who died July 14.

August 28, 1947

            What promises to be one of the most entertaining baseball games of the season at Melby Park will be the contest tonight between the Whitehall Millers and the Harlem Globetrotters. The Globetrotters are not only a group of fast baseball players, but comedians and entertainers as well.