of the Past

Thursday, March 3, 1881

            A neighboring exchange intimates that a portion of the Green Bay road, which is now laid over “unsafe” ground and through a “profitless” portion of Trempealeau County, will be taken up and run in a straight line from Arcadia to Blair. What a grand scheme, and what an amount of wisdom is displayed in that editorial. We dare say that when the move is carried into effect, the writer of that editorial will be either general manager or vendor of peanuts on the road.


Thursday, March 10, 1881

            A train passed up on the Green Bay road last Wednesday morning, the first mail communication for a week. It was hailed with delight by everybody, and after its departure the post office was crowded with anxious ones looking for mail.

Thursday, Aug. 31, 1882

            A collision of the westbound passenger and a freight was narrowly avoided here Monday. Conductor Cole of the freight had orders to side-track here for Number One, and backed up to take the switch without sending a flagman to signal the passenger;  but for the airbrake a frightful disaster would have resulted. Cole may be good hand to run a gospel mill or lead a church choir, but he is out of his sphere on a freight train.

Thursday, Dec. 30, 1886

            We have it from headquarters that Whitehall is classed among the first stations of the line of the G.B.W. & St. P. road in point of grain, stock and hay shipments.

Thursday, Jan. 27, 1887

            Freight traffic on the Green Bay road is booming. It is no uncommon sight to witness several extra trains a day heavily loaded passing over the line.

Thursday, April 12, 1888

            We are one day later this week on account of failure to get paper, which was delayed by the washout on the Green Bay road.