of the Past

Ole Erickson

            Ole Erickson, proprietor of the Rumpel farm of 223 acres, in section 36, township 23 north, range 8 west, Hale Township, was born in Soler, Norway, Oct. 20, 1859. His father, Eric Olson, died in Norway, as did also his mother, whose maiden name was Oleana Thorsonsdatter. 

            In 1884, when in his 25th year, Ole Erickson left his native land for the United States, and on landing in this country proceeded west to Wisconsin, where so many of his countrymen had already settled and were aiding in the development of the great Northwest. Locating in Blair, Trempealeau County, he worked out for others for three years, in the meanwhile saving his money and looking forward to the day when he would be able to start in for himself. 

            As soon as a good opportunity occurred of which he could take advantage he bought a farm in Lincoln Township and was engaged in agricultural operations there until March, 1896. He then sold that farm and purchased the one he now owns, which is a desirable piece of agricultural property and where he is carrying on general farming and stock raising on a profitable basis. 

            In 1910 he built his present residence, a two-story and basement, brick veneer structure of ten rooms, with furnace heat, running water and gasohne lights. He had erected a barn in 1901, which, however, was blown down in 1914 during a violent storm. In the following year the present barn on its site, a structure 36 by 48 by 12 feet in dimensions above concrete basement with cement floors. 

            He has also a good stave silo, 12 by 42 feet in size. Mr. Erickson keeps 25 head of graded Holstein cattle, of which he milks 20; also 50 head of hogs and a large flock of Plymouth Rock chickens. He served as township treasurer two years and has been a director of the school board 15 years. Aside from his immediate farming interests, he is a stockholder in the Pigeon Grain & Stock Company and in the Whitehall Hospital. 

            Oct. 5, 1887, he was married to Annie M. Engen of Whitehall, Wis., who was born in Norway, Sept. 29, 1863, daughter of Martin and Marthia (Anderson) Engen. Her father now lives on the farm with his daughter and son-in-law, and is a widower, his wife having died in 1893 at the age of 53 years, 

            Mr. and Mrs. Erickson have had ten children born to them, of whom two are deceased. The record of the family, given in brief, is as follows: Emma, born Feb. 21, 1889, died Aug. 5, 1890; Hilman, born Jan. 25, 1890, who owns a farm in Pigeon Township; Emma, born March 18, 1891, also at home; Amanda, born Sept. 6, 1894, who is the wife of Ralph Cook, a farmer of Charles City, Iowa, and the mother of one child, Evelyn; Olga, born March 30, 1897, and Ida, born June 18, 1898, both living at home; Carl, also born June 18, 1898, a twin brother of Ida, who died Sept. 1, 1898; Ole M., born Feb. 19, 1902; Carl, born June 16, 1904, and Marvin Ole, born March 20, 1910, all three of whom, being children, live at home with their parents. 

            Religiously the family are affiliated with the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.