of the Past

Sept. 18, 1884

            Unity — The whistle of the threshing engine is heard in all directions, half a dozen machines being in operation here, and each claiming to be the best.

Sept. 13, 1888

            Corn is about out of the way of frost. Several parties are already cutting and shocking their crops.

September 15, 1892

            Grain buying has opened here and there are three firms on the market. E.A. Southworth is buying for Cargill Bros., Charley Quackenbush for H.E. Getts & Son, and D. Wood represents the Trading Association.

September 16, 1897

            The crop of buckwheat in this section is about all cut and shocked. It is immense.

September 28, 1899

            Blair -- A threshing outfit from Amherst Junction came down and was unloaded Wednesday to divide the profits with our hustling threshermen. The enterprise may not turn out so successfully, as considerable of the threshing in this vicinity is already done.

September 20, 1906

            Complaint is made of threshing machines crossing highway bridges without putting down planks, as required by law.