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of the Past

October 15, 1885

            G.M. Scott and Chas. Quackenbush returned Sunday from a trapping trip up Pigeon Creek. They report having caught 75 rats and three mink in three nights.

November 27, 1890

            William McGivergin trapped a wolf near his place in this town Thursday night. The bounty on these creatures is $40, and they pay to trap at that price.

October 28, 1909

            A Lincoln farmer residing down the Trempealeau River reports that trapping for muskrats is being done near his place. The season does not open until Nov. 15.

November 28, 1918

            John Moen bagged $40 worth of skunks last week, and he did not put in full time, either. He dug out eight skunks, the pelts of which he sold for $5 each.

June 27, 1940

            Years back, when the Indians trapped along the Trempealeau River and the first white settlers had just arrived, beaver were numerous in the river. That period is passed, but the beaver is not extinct even in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hanson and Omer Nelson saw one of the animals near the milldam on Friday.

May 11, 1961

            Mr. and Mrs. Olger Mickelson of York are among Jackson County’s most successful trappers. This season the pair trapped two beaver and 144 fox.

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