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December 2, 1886

            There is considerable excitement in the neighborhood of York, Jackson County, over the discovery of an alleged Eldorado. Bent Gilbertson, living in that vicinity, while digging a well last week, struck a rock at 18 feet which is said to be literally alive with rich gold and silver quartz. The rock has been examined by local experts, who claim there is millions in it. Specimens have been forwarded to Milwaukee to been forwarded to Milwaukee to be assayed, and Bent is now awaiting with anxious suspense the result of the assayer’s examination. The man’s farm contains 80 acres, and he has already been offered $1,500 for the property. But so great is his faith in the rich development of his discovery that he would not part with his farm for 10 times that amount. Our advice to Bent is to take the $1,500. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


January 6, 1887

            Everything seems to be quiet in the vicinity of York, and no new developments have cropped out with regard to the alleged discovery of gold and silver there. Perhaps “Bent” wishes now that he had not refused the $1,500 offered for his farm. He should remember that all is not gold that glitters.


November 27, 1890

            Gold-bearing rock is said to have been discovered near the Fitch schoolhouse in the town of Hale.


November 30, 1890

            Pigeon Falls — The gold fever seems to be spreading in solid earnest. It is reported that a meeting was held last Saturday evening by the managers of the Bernt Gilbertson mine, and that several shares were sold at $10 apiece. Hurrah for the new El Dorado.


May 15, 1990

            Pigeon Falls — The gold fever is spreading rapidly, partly in this town, but more so in the town of Northfield, where a mine is already in operation on Bernt Gilbertson’s farm. It is reported that lead has already been found there, and we hope there will soon be discovered more previous metal. We will advise landowners not to accept the first offer on their land.


December 11, 1890

            Bernt Gilbertson commenced operations at his silver mines last week.


January 15, 1891

            Pigeon Falls — Quiet; even the gold fever seems to be abating.


February 26, 1891

            Pigeon Falls — The mining business in our neighboring town, Northfield, has taken another boom. This time, Knut Lund’s land is the field of operation. Several men from Black River Falls are now making a decided effort to determine whether the ore contains enough metal, and of such quality, as to make further operations profitable. Work is pushed rapidly, and part of the time both day and night.

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