of the Past

October 25, 1883

            The wheat yield up the Pigeon, as reported by threshers Anderson and Hill, is from 15 to 22 bushels and of excellent quality, while some pieces have shelled out 28 bushels to the acre.

November 8, 1883

            Hale — Grain is about all threshed here. There have been four steam threshers operating on the south branch of Elk Creek this fall.

October 15, 1891

            B.F. Wing has threshed 4,270 bushels of grain. It is hardly necessary to state that Mr. Wing is one of our leading farmers.

November 12, 1892

            Whitehall took in 4,000 bushels of grain Friday, and 5,000 Saturday. The streets reminded one of the days when Whitehall was considerable of a grain buying center.

November 17, 1892

            Orris Stevens threshed for the Jones Bros., on the William McKivergin farm east of the village, last week. From 52 acres of oats, they got 2,000 bushels.

November 9, 1893

            Christian Bros. threshed 50,000 bushels of small grain and 300 bushels of clover seed, setting their machine 125 times.

November 14, 1895

            Hale — Threshing is about wound up in this section.