of the Past

June 26, 1884

            L.D. McNitt is the first man on the market with new potatoes. The variety is Early Rose. We dare say he is the first in this neck of the woods to produce new potatoes the size of hen’s egg.

July 12, 1906

            Hans Jacobson is supplying the local market with early potatoes. They are of the Early Rose variety.

June 19, 1938

            Gabe Gilbertson again boasts of eating Whitehall’s first new potatoes. He planted his early crop on the first day of spring, and Sunday the family had the first digging, tubers as big as your fist.

June 12, 1941

     Edwin Moen, who is developing a business in repairing and upholstering furniture, is also doing some garden work. Edwin has about a half-acre of early potatoes, which he plans to start marketing next week.

June 18, 1942

     While excessive rains and unusually cool weather this spring have retarded vegetation, they do not seem to have affected the garden of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Hagen. Mrs. Hagen states that she served fresh peas from her garden on June 11, and soon expects to have new potatoes.

July 4, 1944

     True to an old family tradition, the A.E. Saxruds had new potatoes from their garden on the Fourth of July. Some of them were small on account of the late season, but that didn’t affect their “new” flavor.