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of the Past

May 24, 1876

            The 30th is Decoration Day. Are our citizens going to observe the day here, or are there no soldiers’ graves in our cemetery.

May 31, 1886

            Decoration Day was duly observed here Monday by the Grand Army of the Republic boys.


May 30, 1890

            Winfield Scott Post No. 104, Grand Army of the Republic, is making preparations to properly observe Memorial Day tomorrow, May 30. Rev. F.W. Straw is to deliver the memorial speech, in the cemetery if the weather is pleasant, or in the Methodist Episcopal church if it is unpleasant. The Grand Army men want all citizens to join in decoration.

May 30, 1894

            The ladies of the Aid Society will sell ice cream on Decoration Day.

May 29, 1897

            Decoration Day was appropriately observed here last Saturday, May 29, and the usual program of exercises carried out. The procession formed at the depot, headed by the Whitehall coronet band, and marched to the cemetery. H.A. Anderson delivered the address, which was eloquent. Two more comrades have been laid to rest in the Lincoln cemetery within the past year, namely A.C. Knight and George Kurth, bringing to 12 the number buried there.

May 30, 1907

            The Decoration Day exercises here were carried out according to the program, the weather being all that could be desired. The school children, arrayed in white and carrying flags, was a most pleasing sight and the thinned ranks of the old warriors gave a pathetic touch to the scene. Following the ceremony at the cemetery, the people gathered at the hall to listen to the address of Judge Vance of Winona.

Thursday, June 1, 1916

            The Memorial Day exercises last Tuesday were fine and nothing occurred to mar the occasion. A beautiful day brought out a large crowd, and the forenoon was given over wholly to the solemn ceremonies of decoration and a fine patriotic program at the Opera House.

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