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Today in Whitehall-area History

May 19, 1972

            The Rev. W.G. Copham, who previously served seven and a half years as pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Crookston, Minn., has assumed ministerial duties at the First Baptist Church in Whitehall.

May 19, 1960

            The Interstate Commerce Commission has issued an order authorizing the merger of the Minnetonka Motor Express, Inc. into the Briggs Transportation Co. of St. Paul. A new $60,000-building in Madison will provide a direct improvement in company service between Madison and all the points it serves in Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana.

May 19, 1949

            With ideal spring weather prevailing, preparations are well in hand for the opening of the Whitehall golf course. Theodore Stendahl, caretaker, has the greens and fairways in good condition, and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Johnson will take over their duties as clubhouse custodians May 21.

May 19, 1935

            Whitehall won its Trempealeau County Baseball League opener Sunday, defeating Blair 6 to 4. Jimmy Garaghan pitched the win and also hit a solo homerun. The Cubs got the margin of victory in the top of the ninth on doubles by Briggs and Warner and singles by Rasmuson and Hagen, then got a fast double play to end Blair’s comeback bid in the bottom of the inning.

May 19, 1921

            York — Ole Eid has purchased H.C. Sveum’s Dodge truck and has now taken possession of the York draying concern.

May 19, 1910

            Miss Dora Gilbertson closed a term of school in the Coral City district Friday last with a picnic.

May 19, 1898

     Rogan is taking some fine stereoscopic views of the village. Every resident should secure a number of them.

May 19, 1884

            Abbot Lawrence and Erick Erickson made the boss catch of trout of the season last Monday. Their joint baskets contained 170 speckled beauties; they would have doubled the number but the bug juice gave out. The boys look with suspicion upon Sheriff Elstad’s report of last week. We shall give Ed a chance to bring in Jim Mallory to testify what he knows about those trout.

May 18, 1970

            Contracts for the new school being constructed near the Sunset building, totaling about $820,000, were accepted by the district school board Monday night. Laying of the brick for the new building was started Monday, and it is expected that the shop area will be ready for occupancy by the start of the coming school year.

May 18, 1956

      Donald Ackley, Vernon Olson, Loyal Anderson of Pigeon Falls, and Lawrence Gabriel of Eau Claire spent from Friday to Sunday at Delta on a fishing trip.

May 18, 1944

            Olger Engen, who has been employed in Winona the past few months, has returned to Whitehall. Olger states that while he has been receiving fair wages, after various deductions have been taken out, all he had left was enough for a living. So he has decided to engage in farming, and will sell his city property and invest in a small farm.

May 18, 1933

            Magnus Sagen of Pigeon Falls is having a new seven-room house built on his farm. R.R. Langworthy is engaged at the concrete work, while Nelson Bros. of Pigeon Falls are carpenters. Material for the new dwelling is being furnished by the Iverson-Larson Lumber Co.

May 18, 1919

            Northfield — Morris Nelson and family were given a pleasant surprise last Sunday afternoon, and a sum of $149 was left as a remembrance. Mr. Nelson recently underwent an appendicitis operation.

May 18, 1909

            Merchant H.A.M. Steen of Northfield was in town Tuesday, and he informs us that a rod and gun club has been organized at Northfield and an application sent in for a carload of fingerling trout to supply neighboring streams. This suggests that it would not be a poor plan to organize such a club at Whitehall. Independence and Arcadia have such clubs and it appears to us that more trout are being sent into those places by reason of such organization. Trout streams tributary to Whitehall are just as entitled to distribution of trout as any other streams in the county, and if it takes a rod and gun club to bring about a more proper distribution of the supply of trout, let’s have such an organization.

May 18, 1898

            The Women’s Relief Corps served an excellent chicken-pie dinner and supper at Scott’s Hall yesterday, proceeds of which are to go toward the suffering occasioned by the present war. The means were well patronized, and netted the corps about $15.

May 18, 1885

            Where were the mayor and police Monday night when those fellows wanted to paint the town red with each other’s gore?

May 17, 1970

                  Among those presented gun safety instructor awards recently by Conservation Warden Harold Kubisiak were Lenus Berg, Duane Halverson and Allen Schorbahn of Whitehall.

May 17, 1959

                  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nafzger of Madison spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Holtan. On Sunday when they returned, they were accompanied by Mrs. James Holtan and son Thomas, who spent until Tuesday there. James Holtan attended a Cancer Society meeting at Cleveland, Ohio, over the weekend and stopped at Madison to get his wife and family.

Thursday, May 17, 1945

                  Many Whitehall citizens will have victory gardens again this year. Simon Marsolek of Lincoln has been engaged throughout the spring plowing gardens, and has prepared 135 plots for planting. Simon says about 26 gardens were plowed by others, making a total of about 161 in the city which, with favorable weather, should help out with the food problem next fall.

May 17, 1932

                  A two-act play entitled “Now Adolph” will be given at the Coral City schoolhouse Tuesday night. The cast includes Irvin Mallum, Hartvig Iverson, Mabel Galstad, Odell Schansberg, Amy Gullickson, Clarence Berge, Vilas Gullickson, Charles Kouf, Stella Mallum and Palmer Peterson.

May 17, 1919

                  Earl Gage returned to Camp Sheridan today after a 15-day furlough. He returns to the hospital for more treatment for his wounded arm.

May 17, 1906

                  The 17th of May dance in the tobacco warehouse was largely attended. The Bon Tons furnished music and supper was served at the City Hotel by Landlord Lyngdahl.

May 17, 1895

                  The joint debate between the Arcadia and Whitehall literary societies at the former place last Friday night was won by Whitehall. The entertainment and dance held in connection were enjoyable, and the hospitality of the Arcadians made the occasion a very pleasant one for the visitors. About 20 from here were in attendance.

May 17, 1883

                  Norway’s natal day, the 17th, was not observed by any great amount of enthusiasm in Scandinavian circles here. A salute of a few guns was fired at early morn, and a dance had at Scott’s Hall in the evening.

May 16, 1972

            The 1972 Whitehall High School yearbook, The Echo, has been dedicated to Mrs. Dale Hangartner. The annual scribble party was held at the school Tuesday, when yearbooks were distributed. Editors were Joyce Lamborn, Marilyn Sveen, Beth Anderson and Barbara Berg. 

May 16, 1960

            An ulcerated cornea caused by an undetermined injury resulted in the surgical removal of the right eye of Loren Hegge, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Addison Hegge of Pigeon Falls, on Monday at Community Hospital.

May 16, 1946

            Whitehall, a city of about 1,500 population, is quite a contrast to the large industrial and shipping city of Liverpool, England, for Mrs. Ingwald Knudtson, the former Hannah Allen, who had always lived there until she came over with 2,200 English brides on the Queen Mary to join her husband. The couple are living in Whitehall as Mr. Knudtson is employed at the Briggs Transfer garage here.

May 16, 1934

            The Whitehall High School band, directed by Superintendent T.C. Parr, supplied music at the Hale fair at Pleasantville, Wednesday. Judge J.C. Gaveney delivered the address of the day.

May 16, 1923

            Probably the cleverest operetta that has ever been staged in Whitehall was presented at the Village Hall last night by the little girls and boys of the village, under the auspices of the Women’s Civic Club. As an interlude between the operetta and the closing play, Enid Steig gave a Norwegian dialect reading, and the kindergarten children did a cute little folk dance. The closing play, “Those Husbands of Ours,” depicted the life of seven women who return from an outing at the sea shore to view seven real specimens of bachelor housekeeping. It was good. The receipts for the evening exceeded $100, and will be used by the Civic Club in completing the log cabin in the park.

May 16, 1912

            Capital weather for hay and grain.

May 16, 1899

            George Quackenbush has the contract to board the county asylum construction employees, starting in on the grounds Tuesday.

May 16, 1888

            The busiest man in the courthouse this week was Judge Odell who, besides attending to the duties of his office, acted as deputy in the register’s and clerk of court’s offices. He was relieved from the extra duties yesterday.

May 16, 1877

            Now go a fishing. Corn planting now. Hard work — pitching quoits. The organ man is back again. 

May 15, 1972

            The music department of Whitehall High School held its annual awards banquet Monday evening. Dorian Music Clinic scholarships were awarded to Betsy Fremstad and Karen Suchla by the Music Mothers and to Barb Berg by the Whitehall Music Study Club.

May 15, 1958

            Bruno Herbert, who recently moved to Whitehall from his farm in the town of Pigeon, has purchased the Orville Renslo residence on Dewey Street and will take possession July 1. The home is now occupied by the Sidney Otterson family. Mr. Renslo, former band director at Whitehall High School, moved his family to Oregon last year.

May 15, 1946

            Three Whitehall young women will be in the class of 23 that will graduate Ancker Hospital School of Nursing in St. Paul Wednesday. They are Miss Ruth Foss, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Foss, now of Eau Claire; Miss Carolyn Speerstra, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Speerstra; and Miss Katherine Mueller, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mueller.

May 15, 1934

            One of the most elaborate social functions of the year was held at the Village Hall Tuesday night, when the juniors entertained at their first annual promenade. The prettily-decorated dancing hall was filled to capacity as Anton Vold Jr. and his partner, Miss Viola Jacobson, as prom king and queen, led the grand march. Mary Kidder Trandum of Chicago, a professional dancer, who is visiting her parents in the village, entertained with two dancing and singing numbers, and John Melby, soloist sang, both being accompanied by the orchestra. Mrs. Trandum and Mr. Melby are alumni.

May 15, 1919

            Contractor J.E. Wilkins is making extensive improvements at the Ralph Wood farm north of the village.

May 15, 1909

            Charles, Rose and Jennie Beach departed Saturday for their new home at Salem Ore. Their many friends regretted to have them leave Whitehall.

May 15, 1897

            The Free Thinkers of this vicinity have arranged with Mrs. Mattie P. Krekel for a series of three lectures, at Scott’s Hall, on May 15 and 16. A rare treat is promised, and everyone is invited.

May 15, 1886

            Last Saturday night, quite a heavy frost visited this section, doing considerable damage to small fruit, vegetables and the like. Apple trees, currant bushes and strawberry plants were more or less injured, while garden truck showed the effect more than anything else. A number of fires were kindled and kept burning the greater portion of the night, with the expectation of lightening the effect of the freeze, but so far as has been learned, in such instances the parties had the labor for their pains, and that is all, as the wholesale destruction was equally as bad in the vicinity of the fires as others.

May 14, 1974

            After a motion to grant an off-sale liquor and beer license to Clipper's IGA failed to get a second, the Whitehall city council last week Tuesday voted five to one on a secret ballot against the license.

May 14, 1963

            A Brownie Mothers’ Tea was held at the Our Saviour’s Lutheran Sunday school building Tuesday evening. Mrs. S.B. Ivers, Girl Scout troop consuntant for Whitehall, was the principal speaker. Also speaking to the group were School Administrator John Brown and the Rev. O.G.  Birkeland. Brownie officers are: Kristine Gabriel, president; Sally Boehm, vice president; and Emily Peterson, reporter. Leaders are the Mmes. Robert Everson, Marvin Olson and Orrin Evenson. Members of Brownie Troop committee are the Mmes. Thomas Toraason, Sidney Borreson and Boyd Relyea.

May 14, 1952

            There were 33 students in the class confirmed at St. John’s Catholic Church Wednesday, the first confirmation class for the congregation organized 2 ½ years ago. The confirmands were: Judy Giesen, Rita Jensen, Joyce Manka, Elizabeth and Phyllis Lyga, Beverly and Dianne Pierzina, Patricia, Mary Jane and Kay Sosalla, Margaret Slaby, Bernadine Symicek, John Giesen, Cyrus Getts, Richard Jensen, LeRoy, William and Kenneth Krolow, Duane Kokott, Donald Kraling, Michael Porter, George Przybilla, Eugene Rebarchek, Donald Sosalla, Richard Sygulla, Aloysius Symicek, La Vern Sylla, Vernon Stone, John Thomas, Adrian, LeRoy, Linus and Richard Waldera.

May 14, 1938

            Lumber is being sawed on the Sam Filla farm in Hale to replace the structure which was destroyed by fire a month ago. Filla, who was in town Saturday, said that during the 68 years that he has lived on the place, the loss of the barn was the first serious misfortune he has had.

May 14, 1927

            Ruby Libakken of Whitehall received first in the the girls’ declamatory contest at the annual district forensic contest held Saturday at La Crosse Normal School. She spoke on “Mercedes.”

May 14, 1913

            Elmer Olson of Lincoln left yesterday for Moose Jaw, Sask., to prospect for land.

May 14, 1903

      B.F. Heath of Hale purchased a corn planter and cream separator from Hulberg & Nelson of Whitehall.  Ed Hulberg has purchased the phone that was in Heath’s store and will have it removed to his residence.

May 14, 1891

            Herman Ekern, his brother Lawrence and Ned Trowbridge are rigging a sailboat with which to navigate the raging waters of the mighty Trempealeau.

May 14, 1878

            Hank Knudtson and Ed. Cook left this place on Tuesday for Minnesota, with a team all rigged out for that purpose. They have gone to take up land.

May 13, 1974

            The Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Monday night voted to urge the city council to purchase two parcels of land along Hwy. 53 north of town. The land, which is owned by the state, could possibly be used as parks in the future.

May 13, 1960

            A petition by the town of Northfield electors asking for detachment from the Hixton high school district and attachment to the Whitehall district was resubmitted to the Jackson County school committee Friday by Floren Hegge of Whitehall, attorney for the petitioners. A public hearing on the petition will be held June 7.

May 13, 1946

            Volunteer workers are being solicited to clear Whitehall’s memorial forest of hazel brush and sumac to protect the young evergreen trees that have been planted there as a memorial to veterans of both world wars. The forest situated on the hill just north of Whitehall and facing the main thoroughfare into town, is a Boy Scout project, but underbrush has grown at such rate that a large crew is needed to clear the area. Monday at 3 p.m. has been designated as the time when volunteer laborers are to meet at the hill with hatchets, saws and axes to clear the area.

May 13, 1936

            The Blue Eagle Homemakers will meet Wednesday night at the Sidney Gilbertson home with Mrs. Eugene Harlow as assisting hostess.

May 13, 1921

            The commencement exercises for the nurses, held at the Lutheran church, was a marked success in every way. The church was elaborately decorated in ferns and roses, and the class colors, pink and green. The class motto, “Not born for ourselves, but for the world,” was in the background of the main decorations. The nurses, the Misses Gertrude and Martha Halverson, Ina Anderson, Petra Larson, Agnes Stone and Mabel Sinrud, are the first to graduate from Community Hospital. Their diplomas give them the same credits they would receive at any other hospital in the larger cities.

May 13, 1909

            Nothing the matter with the weather.

May 13, 1897

            Well-driving is not a diminutive industry in this village this season. Wherever stakes are set for a new building, the first requisite is a well and pump. Messrs. Thompson and Bakken, the experts in this line, have been full of business in consequence of the building boom.

May 13, 1881

            On Wednesday night of last week, a severe gale passed over this place, accompanied by rain. Fortunately no damage was done, except to O.P. Clinton’s photograph tent, which was blown from in front of the Times block way over into the north ward, opposite Major Camp’s place.

May 12, 1970

            Preliminary U.S. Census returns show the city of Whitehall’s population increasing from 1,446 in 1960 to 1,506 this year. The village of Pigeon Falls saw a decrease from 207 to 203.

May 12, 1959

            The Rev. Richard Buege, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, rural Whitehall, who has been suspended from the Wisconsin Synod because he allowed women to vote and had communion fellowship with pastors of other Lutheran synods, will be the guest of George Rice on his “Open Mike” radio program on WCCO, Minneapolis, this coming Tuesday.

May 12, 1949

            A new 4-H club, known as the Coral City Clovers, has been organized at Coral City this year. Officers are John Haug, president; Howard Phillipson, vice president; Marie Phillipson, secretary and news reporter; and Gordon Ringlien, treasurer. Leaders are Ralph Schansberg and Mrs. Odell Schansberg.

May 12, 1936

            On Tuesday, the Whitehall High school band and glee club will give a concert at the village hall as a belated entertainment in observance of music week. Band members will for the first time wear their new uniforms. The band and glee club are under the direction of Superintendent of Schools T. C. Parr and John Rowe.

May 12, 1924

            It has been the sentiment of the majority of our citizens for some time to equip our fire department with a motor chassis, and at the meeting of the village board Monday night, it was definitely decided to purchase a truck. A water supply that is fit for drinking purposes is also occupying the attention of the board. At present, and from the time the water system was constructed, the water has been pumped from the millpond and is unfit for drinking in all seasons of the year. The present plan is to drill two large wells near the pump station, and force the water to the reservoir on the Speerstra hill as at present.

May 12, 1910

            A.H. Bringsosen has had substantial cement walks put down around his farm residence in Lincoln. Albert has also bought 80 acres of the Ole Brown farm.

May 12, 1900

            P.A. Van Horn left Saturday to take charge of a crew of men operating a dirt train on the Kewaunee branch of the Green Bay and Western Railroad. Mr. Van Horn is a good man, and the Green Bay people appreciate his valued service.

May 12, 1887

            Corn planted a week ago in this section has not sprouted on account of drought.

May 16, 1877

            The Hale Rangers played the Independence Blue Socks a match game last Saturday, the former scoring 26 to the latter 33.

May 11, 1971

            The Whitehall city council last week Tuesday set the closing hours for local taverns at 1 a.m., disregarding a 2 a.m. option allowed by state law during daylight savings time. Most of the tavern operators were present, and expressed no objection.

May 11, 1956

            The John O. Melby and Co. Bank will hold an open house this Friday and Saturday, when friends and patrons are cordially invited to visit the enlarged and renovated 68-year-old establishment. The new bank is 37 by 60 feet, nearly double the size of the former bank. The new façade of tan brick and the trim is Kasota stone quarried near Mankato, Minn. The name of the bank extends over the front entrance, carved in the stone. A large planter filled with a variety of greenery sits in front of the large plate-glass window next to the entrance of the bank.

May 11, 1944

            While the late seeding concerns Henry Harnisch of Hale, he still has hopes of harvesting a good crop of grain. Henry says that 34 years ago his family lived on a farm near Holmen and that spring he finished seeding on May 8 with about five inches of snow on the ground. He threshed out 41 bushels of barley to the acre from the last field he planted, for which he received $1.20 a bushel, and that was before World War I.

May 11, 1932

            The senior class will present the play “Tillie of Bloomsbury” May 11 and 12. Cast members include Harold Arneson, Newlen Nelson, Alpha Kins, Vera Hoff, Vernon Halverson, Walter Everson, Evelyn Pahnke, Josephine Hegge, Bessie Brekke, Carroll Lokken, Irene Jackson, Kenneth Swenson, Adelyn Brandon, Gust Thomley, Wildred Galstad and Nels Hegge.

May 11, 1919

            The Ingalls, Gage, Vold, Sorenson and Rhode families spent Sunday in upper Pigeon picnicking and fishing.

May 11, 1906

            Miss Fannie Gibson closed a successful term of school in district number one, Hale, last Friday with a program in the afternoon.

May 11, 1893

            H.A. Anderson has had a substantial fence built inclosing his tenant house property, Robert Engen doing the labor.

May 11, 1882

            Frank Sygula, a Hale farmer, has novel way of putting in crops which is commendable. He drives the team attached to the seeder, and leads the team attached to the drag, thus dispensing with a hired man. Such men ought to succeed, and we dare say they will.

May 10, 1973

            At the recent Whitehall High School Athletic Banquet, Brian Borreson was named recipient of the Norse Award; Gary Larson received the National “W” Award. John Peterson was named the most outstanding basketball player. Other most-valuable player awards went to Borreson, wrestling; Larson, football, track and field; and Mark Risberg, senior basketball. Ken Stellpflug, who has resigned his position as head basketball coach, was presented with a special recognition plaque.

May 10, 1960

            Electors of the Pigeon Falls school district voted 96 to two at a special meeting Tuesday to authorize a loan for the addition of an all-purpose room and facilities to its four-room grade school.

May 10, 1945

            The Briggs Transfer Co. has leased its office building in Whitehall, vacated when it moved its general office to Eau Claire, to the Wadhams Oil Co. H.D. Briggs, manager of the Wadhams bulk station here, maintains his office there.

May 10, 1934

            The roof of the garage at the rear of the Ole Eggum home is adorned this week with an artistic birdhouse. This was made by Mrs. Eggum’s brother-in-law, M.J. Sherman of Minneapolis, created and expressed to her. The house weighs 50 pounds and has eight compartments, and the martins have taken occupancy.

May 10, 1913

            Pigeon Falls — School closed here Saturday with the following students graduating: Carrie Wivelstad, Kristine and Liala Haralsrud, Olga Johnson and Edwin Fremstad.

May 10, 1900

            The Hackworthy Construction Co. are rushing the brick work on the Huleatt Mercantile Co.’s new block.

May 10, 1888

            No weather for seeding and many are anxious for it to clear up.

May 10, 1876

            It is proposed that the business men of Whitehall get together once a month, say the first Monday evening of each month, to talk over matters essential to the welfare of our village and the surrounding country. Matters of public interest, such as roads, schools, churches, manufacturies &c., &c., are questions of deep interest to all and cannot be agitated too much. Let us, by all means, become united and work together shoulder to shoulder, and the future of our bright little village is assured. Let us hear from you. Our country neighbors should be invited to share in the work. 

May 9, 1974

            Debbie Foss and Mary Bensend won two events apiece as the Norse girls' track team won its first dual meet ever Thursday, defeating Blair 76-28.

May 9, 1960

            J. Arthur Johnson, James Skadahl and Odell Schansberg appeared before the city council Monday evening with a petition, bearing 29 signatures, against the location of a trailer court south of the Clarence Schaefer farm on Hwy. 53. Schansberg, chairman of the town of Lincoln, said the township opposes the court, which is a project of Dr. A.O. Torson of Independence.

May 9, 1946

            Whitehall High placed third in the Mississippi Valley Conference track meet held in Eau Claire Thursday. Bruce Wilberg of the Norsemen was second high scorer with 12 ½ points, winning the 120-yard high hurdles, taking second in the 200-yard low hurdles and tying for second in the high jump. Kildahl took the other Whitehall first, in the pole vault.

May 9, 1936

            H. J. Elstad has purchased the stock of the Kongsgaard Store Co. and will move his merchandise from its present location in the Isaac Nelson building and opened for. business in the Kongsgaard store today. He will also carry a line of groceries with the dry goods stock. R. A. Holtan purchased Kongsgaard’s line of drugs and has engaged Mr. Kongsgaard as druggist. Mr. Holtan will operate a drug store and sporting goods department in a portion of the building.

May 9, 1921

            Messrs. S.N. Hegge, N.L. Fredrickson and C.L. Ouweneel, Mrs. Anna Everson and Miss Nora Moe attended the La Crosse County Holstein Breeders Association consignment sale at West Salem Monday, picking out the finest animals they could find to bring to Whitehall to write Holstein-Freisian history here. Through Mr. Hegge, the Peoples State Bank purchased 10 heifer calves to be used in their calf club work, which will be distributed among interested boys and girls of the community.

May 9, 1911

            Severe winds accompanying a rain and hail storm Tuesday evening did considerable damage to buildings in this vicinity. Tobacco sheds on the Ad Hanson, Tom Kveseth, Ole Nyseth and Tom Moen farms in Pigeon and on the Ole Galstad and Carl Kremers farms in Lincoln were wrecked. The Schansberg brothers’ stave silo and Peter Iverson’s barn in Lincoln were also blown down. The barns of Simon Pederson and Magnus Christianson and the barn and granary on the Wolf farm in Fly Creek Valley were also wrecked.

May 9, 1897

            Officers from Marshfield were here Sunday in search of the tramp who did the bloody work with the knife at that place last week, killing one man and rendering the life of another almost hopeless. A reward of $600 is being offered for his apprehension.

May 9, 1887

            The thermometer ran up to 92 Monday, the highest point the temperature has reached this season in Whitehall.

May 8, 1973

            The Whitehall city council last week Tuesday voted to spend up to $22,000 for a study of a possible widening of Dewey and Ervin streets, two of the main entrances to town. Alderman Willie Johnson raised concerns about the trees lining Dewey Street, but the consensus of the other council members was that the trees are a hazard, because of falling branches.

May 8, 1960

            Guests at the John Skadahl home in Pigeon Sunday in honor of their 45th wedding anniversary were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Skadahl and daughters of Minneapolis, Messrs and Mmes. Ernest Goplin, Jae Skadahl, Thomas Stalheim, Arden Skadahl and Paul Lovelien of Whitehall, Mrs. Olga Frederickson of Northfield and Austin Solboe.

May 8, 1947

            The Community Telephone Co. of Wisconsin has completed the installation of a new cable system in Whitehall, in connection with which many telephones have been re-wired. All lines in the city are now metallic, and are connected by two wires, rather than one under the old grounded system, which eliminates much of the cross-talk and noise heard on the lines previously. The old poles on Main and many of the city’s side streets, which carried a maze of old iron wires, have been removed. Mrs. Myrtle Johnson, chief operator of the exchange, and her assistants, Ethel Mallery, Cora Arneson, Adeline Gage, Gladys Henthorn, Ethel Johnson and Clara Moe, as well as Alvin Lee, the exchange repairman, are extremely happy over the improvements.

May 13, 1937

            Dr. and Mrs. Anton Vold and daughter Evangeline, Dr. F.E. Van Sickle and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Garaghan, Selpha Everson, Miss Doris Haugh and George Briggs attended the music festival at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn., during the weekend. The Volds went in their new Ford, recently purchased.

May 13. 1926

            Whitehall made a good showing at the Southeastern Minnesota track meet Saturday at Winona, finishing with two fewer points than first-place Chatfield. Wright and Gilbertson tied for first in the pole vault, and Wright also placed first in the running high jump.

May 8, 1913

            This is a fine growing time.

May 8, 1898

            Odell Gilbertson, Holger Larson and Albert Low wheeled to Galesville Sunday, returning in the evening, having made a 55-mile trip.

May 8, 1884

​            The bullhead season is backward. They must have been planted in the wrong of the moon.

May 7, 1972

            The federal office of Civil Defense has loaned the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department a used 6-by-6, 2 ½-ton military truck, valued at about $7,000, for a period of five years.

May 7, 1960

            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Estenson of Racine spent last weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Estenson.

May 7, 1948

            Close to 100 rural school children from the surrounding area were the guests of the FHA and FFA at Whitehall High School Friday. In the afternoon, they competed in athletic events, the Pigeon Falls school winning the trophy for the most point scored in the athletics, 47. Pleasantville was second with 32, Fly Creek was third with 19 and Daggett, fourth with 17. 

May 7, 1936

            More than 50 school children appeared in the operetta, "Hansel and Gretel," here Thursday night under the sponsorship of the Whitehall Music Study club in observance of National Music week. Mrs. G. N. Pederson directed the operetta, Mrs. H. M. Johnson played the piano accompaniment, and Mrs. C. E. Long and Mrs. J. E. Rhode had charge of the stage settings. The part of Hansel was taken by John Koch and Ardyce Paine played the part of Gretel. The cookie witch was played by Emma Gardner and her cookie house was made by J. G. Emerton. A large chorus participated in the entertainment. A matinee was also given this afternoon.

May 7, 1925

            Theo. B. Olson has secured the agency for the Chevrolet car, and drives as a demonstrator a new four-door sedan.

May 7, 1910

            Miss Ida Semb went to Gilmanton Saturday to visit relatives.

May 7, 1896

            Clean up your dooryards, but don’t dump your decaying vegetables and other offensive stuff in the streets.

May 7, 1886

            Dr. Allison got $10 of Tom Lake’s money on Friday last. Lake bet Allison that his stallion could outrtrot the doctor’s buggy horse, and Allison took him up too quick. The money was placed in a third party’s hands and the contestants repaired to the East Side race course. The result was, Lake lost his $10 and had considerable conceit taken out of him. Allison won $10 and gained a certain degree of prestige.

May 6, 1974

            Fire of undetermined origin damaged Hoff’s North Star Service Station in Whitehall this morning. Fred Hoff, the owner, discovered the blaze, which was confined to the roof area, about 6:15 a.m.

May 6, 1960

            Extensive smoke damage was reported to the Alf Moen home in Fly Creek, as the result of a chimney fire Friday night.

May 6, 1949

            A play, “Gone with the Girls,” will be presented at the meeting of the Daggett Community Club tomorrow. The cast consists of Lorraine Haugen, James Haugen, Elvira Haugen, Patricia Radsek, Jacob Sylla, Mrs. Sverre Aasen, Lorayne Nelson, James Hagen, Carol Radsek and Kenneth Giese.

May 6, 1936

            Jerry Hagen celebrated his fourth birthday May 6.

May 6, 1926

      Hans Hagen, who has done such efficient work in caring for the cemetery for many years, has been compelled, on account of age infirmities, to give up the work. His excellent services will be missed.

May 6, 1912

            The Ranee Company gave entertainments here Monday and Tuesday evening, consisting of music, illustrated songs, moving pictures, magic and juggling, to good houses. They showed under the auspices of the Royal Neighbors.

May 6, 1897

            H.O. Hovde, who purchased the McDermott farm north of town, is making the place blossom as the rose. He has graded around his residence, set out numerous evergreens and shade trees, and otherwise beautified and improved the premises. Would that we had more such enterprising farmers as Mr. Hovde.

May 6, 1887

            The alleged Freeport railroad construction outfit, after having been sidetracked here for a week, was hauled away in the direction from whence it came on Friday last. Our people are now more than ever convinced that the Freeport scheme has been indefinitely postponed.

May 6, 1876

            All the compositors in this office were drawn for jurymen last Saturday, for one of the miserable little lawsuits for which this town is somewhat noted.

May 5, 1972

            Officers who will assume their duties next fall were elected recently by the Our Saviour’s Senior Luther League. They are Tom Ritland, president; Gretchen Hegge, vice president; Bonnie Mitskogen, secretary; and Tom Monson, treasurer.

May 5, 1957

            Colonel Larson, Whitehall, was recently presented with a set of silver miniature guns in a fast gun draw contest at Billings, Mont., where he won the title as the fastest on the draw in the central and Midwest parts of the United States. Last year on his tour of the Midwest he won the trick and fancy pro sharp-shooting contest and now holds the international indoor record. Mr. Larson, school lecturer, will return to his home in Whitehall May 5 after touring 22 states and playing 600 shows.

May 5, 1944

            Hans B. Hanson, naturalization examiner from the St. Paul office, will be in Whitehall tomorrow to receive petitions from Trempealeau County residents wishing to file for citizenship. To date, those filing petitions include Ole and Hans Bredvigen and Clara Norland of Whitehall, and Matheusz Kassela and Chris and Helga Christianson of Independence.

May 5, 1931

            Mrs. S.F. Speerstra of this village died at her home about seven o’clock Tuesday morning at the age of 76 years. She had been an invalid in a wheelchair for several years following a fall wherein she sustained a fractured hip, but in spite of this fact she was up and around the home each day and took an active interest in her household.

May 5, 1921

            Work is being done at the library in plastering necessary places, after which the walls will receive new decorations.

May 5, 1909

            Fred Speerstra lost his granary, considerable seed oats, a new work harness, two brooders and about 300 chickens by fire between six and seven o’clock last evening, the fire starting by an explosion of a brooder in the building. The timely arrival of the fire brigade saved the residence and outbuildings. Mr. Speerstra estimates his loss at about $300, upon which there was insurance on the building.

May 5, 1898

            The purchase by Ed Romander of the front portion of the old Adams and Taylor building on Main Street and the lot, 20 feet front and extending back to Ellis Street, was one of the important real estate deals of the past week. Mr. Romander is fitting the property up for his harness shop, giving him one of the best locations for business on the street. The rear portion of the building has been bought and moved by W.G. Fuller.

May 5, 1887

            A.T. Tucker is another of the good citizens of our village who is keeping pace with his neighbors in the effort to make home attractive. He has put up a neat and tasty dooryard fence. Lon shall be gilded in glory, if we can have our say about it.

May 9, 1877

            Little Johnny DeBow of Blair, aged ten years, speared a pickerel on Saturday last weighing 18 pounds. How is that for a youngster?

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