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Today in Whitehall-area History

March 26, 1973

            The Whitehall Teachers Association and the district school board, locked in a disagreement that appeared headed for a possible strike by the union, began negotiating through a mediator from the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission on Monday night. The teachers, who had set up headquarters in a building downtown and published a daily newsletter, called for a “citizen’s vigil” during the bargaining, and had conducted informational picketing before school hours.

March 26, 1960

            Marian Jackson and Dorothy Fremstad received “A” ratings at the La Crosse district forensics contest Saturday and will compete at the state contest in Madison, according to Mrs. Sylvia Rice, their coach.

March 26, 1945

            Henry Hanson, Whitehall citizen, was uptown Monday for the first time since falling from a ladder over four weeks ago and fracturing several ribs.

March 26, 1929

      Hensel Jacobson went to Winona Tuesday, where he will attend a Standard Oil Co. convention.

March 26, 1914

            The big hay barn, formerly owned by D. Wood, located on west Abrams St., has been torn down. In its place, the Central Trading Association will erect sheds to accomodate farmers' teams.

March 26, 1899

            Frank Allen had a narrow escape from drowning Sunday. He and A.J. NcNaughton were taking observations on the mill pond close to the mouth of Pigeon Creek, when Allen broke through and McNaughton had difficulty in saving him from going under the ice.

March 26, 1885

            The avoirdupois festival at Field’s Hall, under the management of the Ladies’ Aid Society, was a grand success. The weight of each lady participant was placed in a sack, and the gentlemen drew to see whose wife or sweetheart they should take to supper by paying a half-cent per pound for the privilege. The financial statement showed $54 to the credit of the society.

March 25, 1966

            Enough is enough — snow, that is! That’s what local people were saying after last week’s heavy, wet snowstorm. There was no school Wednesday or Thursday, as buses could not make their rounds, and rural roads which had started the spring breakup already are in bad condition in many places.

March 25, 1954

      R.M. Evenson, who recently completed his border patrol school at McAllen, Texas, has been assigned to Brownsville, Texas.

March 25, 1950

            Tragedy once again struck Whitehall Saturday, when the fire siren sounded shortly after 3 p.m. and word spread quickly that two little boys had fallen into a pond on the Clarence Schaefer farm. Daniel Jacobson, the five-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Jacobson, slipped on ice underneath the surface and slid into four feet of water, never to return alive. David Schaefer, seven-year-old son of the Clarence Schaefers, went in after the younger lad and found himself in a similar predicament, but was rescued.

March 25, 1935

            J.J. Staff of Pigeon was at the county seat Monday. We inquired about his brother, Sever J., of Big Slough. We thought maybe he was passing up Whitehall, but Jens said, “He stays closely at home; in fact, I haven’t seen him myself for three months.” It is lucky for the filling stations that all citizens are not homebodies like Sever.

March 25, 1919

            Philip Skroch departed Tuesday for Canada, where he has work for the summer.

March 25, 1903

      H.A. Loeffler & Co., merchant tailors of La Crosse, has engaged the services of W.A. Lieberg, of Whitehall, as traveling salesman. Mr. Lieberg will be given the territory along the Green Bay & Western line and will start on his first trip about March 25th, making Whitehall and other towns along the line every 60 days.

March 25, 1886

            The past week the snow has disappeared rapidly. Mother earth is peeking through in many places, and the sleighing is about whipped.

March 24, 1966

            Mr. and Mrs. Martin Holtzman have returned to Whitehall from Tucson, Ariz., to take over management of the Pix Theater, which they own but until recently has been managed by Lyle Leek. The Holtzmans operated the theater for about 10 years before turning it over to Leek several years ago.

March 24, 1954

            Mrs. Glen Olson gave a paper on the restoration of Independence Hall in Philadelphia at the meeting of the Woman’s Study Club at the home of Mrs. William A. Johnson Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. C.E. Nordhagen gave the timely topics at the meeting, centering her discussion on Communism and McCarthy.

March 24, 1939

            An amateur radio program will be sponsored by the Fuller Coulee Community Club at the school house March 24. Prize winners will be judged by the audience. The committee consists of Marie Nyseth, Mildred Engen and Sylvester Fremstad.

March 24, 1927

      Melvin Ackley of Big Slough states that farmers in their valley are having exceptionally good luck raising spring pigs. Palmer Ackley has a Chester White sow, which has 17 piglets, and Casper Johnson has a Duroc, which has a litter of 15.

March 24, 1913

            Halvor Gunem was over from Hale Monday to buy a good workhorse.

March 24, 1898

            Winter wheat and rye are now looking well. They passed through the winter in safety.

March 24, 1887

            We are having fine spring weather. Wheels have taken the place of runners. The large fall of snow is rapidly disappearing.

March 28, 1877

            Ed Romander came near to “crossing the river” last Saturday, by taking by mistake a spoonful of iodine, which was intended as an outward application, and is deadly poison if not counteracted by antidote at once. He discovered his mistake at once, and summoned Dr. Floyd, who was fortunately near at hand, who brought him out all right in a short time. The inside of Ed’s gullet is a little rare, as if he had been taking something kinder warming like, such as liquid brimstone, molten lead, or burning alcohol.

March 23, 1970

            Auto Sales Co., which has been a Whitehall business for 60 years, was sold effective Monday by Tracy and Donald Rice. The new owner is David Keenan, a La Crosse native who comes here from Osseo, Minn.

March 23, 1957

            The Boy Scouts are asking workers to gather at Boy Scout Memorial Hill just north of Whitehall on Saturday to help clear underbrush. Those who can are asked to bring axes and brush scythes. It will be an all-day job and anyone who can come is asked to do so.

March 23, 1945

            Invitations are being issued for the annual Junior-Senior Prom at the Whitehall High School gymnasium April 6. Don Halverson and His Castillans will play here for the fifth consecutive prom. Peter Speerstra, president of the junior class, who will be prom king, has not as yet announced who the queen will be. The price per coupls will be $1.25, with spectators admitted for 30 cents. The general public is being invited.

March 23, 1931

            Fathers and sons numbering 103 enjoyed the chicken dinner with all the trimmings, which was served by the Ladies Aid in the basement of the Methodist Church Monday, after which the participants listened to a program that was interesting, instructive and entertaining. C.B. Melby served as toastmaster and handled the task with credit to himself and amusement to the guests.

March 23, 1919

            Northfield — The members of the Northfield band enjoyed an oyster stew last Sunday afternoon.

March 23, 1904

      Hon. R.S. Cowie, of Washington, D.C., deputy auditor of the navy, spend a few days here the past week looking after business interests and visiting relatives and calling on friends. He departed yesterday for Washington, accompanied by his mother-in-law, Mrs. John O. Melby, who will visit there a month.

March 23, 1888

            Pigeon — The prohibition meeting at the Daggett Coulee schoolhouse last Friday evening was largely attended.

March 22, 1973

            Whitehall school teachers picketed the school this morning in protest of the lack of discipline they say is caused by the trimester system, and the overall negotiations with the school board. They are not striking, they say, just protesting. Their signs are emblazoned with messages “We Care,” “Teachers Pay Taxes Too” and “Priorities.” Student-teacher conferences are being held today and students are not in school.

March 22, 1958

            Mrs. Netta Hunter accompanied her brother, Henry Paulson, and wife of Pigeon Falls to Suring last Saturday, where they attended the funeral of their uncle, Soren Iverson.

March 22, 1945

            A.J. Larson, clerk of the town of Hale, predicted an early spring. Spring weather is with us, but A.J. now warns that we are to have a spell of cold weather later.

March 22, 1929

      County Treasurer George Larson reported a total of $308,000 from the treasurers of the county last Friday, March 15, tax day. Lewis Witt, treasurer of the town of Lincoln, holds a county record. His is the only town in the county that returned its total amount of taxes. All other towns have some delinquency. Modern highways and the increase in the cost of schools are largely responsible for the growth of local, county and state expenditures. 

March 22, 1917

            Whitehall turned out en masse Thursday evening to surprise O.C. Torson, prior to his departure for North Dakota. It was a real surprise to Mr. Torson and his wife, but it did not take long for either to relieve themselves of the shock, and all had a lovely time.

March 22, 1905

      John Beck and Halvor Arneson left yesterday for a business trip to West Salem.

March 22, 1894

            Ed. Maug has added a lathe to his wagon shop for turning iron, and a power saw. The former machine he purchased of W.M. Rhodes of Hale.

March 22, 1883

            The boys in blue and red suits and the inevitable red sash are coming out of the woods in swarms.

March 21, 1970

            Spring was ushered in officially Saturday, and a balmier day couldn’t have been experienced locally. The Palm Sunday weather was just as agreeable, melting Thursday night’s six-inch wet snowfall. March came in like a lion, but maybe will go out like a lamb.

March 21, 1959

            The junior class of Whitehall High School will present Maxwell Anderson’s “The Eve of St. Mark” in the high school auditorium Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Directed by William Dahl, the cast will consist of: Robert Mathson, James Schansberg, Julie Ann Tomter, John Nelson, James Brennom, John Thoma, Wanda Guse, Roy Hanson, Fred Jacobson, Cyrus Getts, Mickey Larson, David Warner, Kermit Pederson, David Schaefer, :LaVerne Sylla, Sharon Thompson, Sandra Christianson, Martha Ann Wood, Clarice Risberg, Jerilyn Steen and Jerome Estenson.

March 21, 1945

            Thirteen Trempealeau County Selective Service registrants were among the six busloads of men who went from here to Milwaukee Wednesday, most of them going to take preinduction physical examinations. Those from Whitehall were Franklin Van Zanderbergen, Herman Rebarchek, Robert Kastad and Orville Olson.

March 21, 1931

            Over-confidence furnished an upset in the high school basketball supplementary tournament at Blair last Saturday night when Whitehall lost to Alma Center by a score of 29 to 25. Wright scored eight points in the losing cause. Whitehall had played brilliant ball in the two previous games, defeating Hixton 32 to 11 and winning over Gilmanton 33 to 19. Johnson and Swenson had eight and seven points, respectively, against Hixton, while Swenson with 12 and Fremstad with nine led Whitehall in the win over Gilmanton.

March 21, 1913

            Christ Refsness, the star route mail carrier between Whitehall and Pigeon Falls, had a runaway while en route here last Friday morning. The death of one of his horses was the result.

March 21, 1901

      Many of the school children are absent from their studies from the effect of vaccination.

March 21, 1888

            Yesterday was the worst day we have had this winter. The wind blew like a hurricane from the northwest, drifting the snow terribly.

March 20, 1969

            The proposed new Hwy. 53 bridge over the Trempealeau River at Whitehall was among the projects for which bids were opened by the Department of Transportation Tuesday.

March 20, 1958

            Through the many gifts of relatives and friends given in memory of Barbara Marie Rasmussen, a pulpit and communion table have been presented to the First Baptist Church here. The furniture is a blonde finish and of modern design, and is a fitting addition to other improvements to the church. Barbara was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Rasmussen.

March 20, 1946

            Honored guests at the last Pigeon Falls Synod Lutheran birthday table were Kaspter Johnson, Paul Ringlien, James Ringlienm, Mrs. Arthur Ringlien, Mrs. Torvald Moe, Adolph Hagen, James Hagen, Mrs. Henry Thorson, Mrs. Magnus Isaacson, Paul Isaacson,, Mrs. Oscar Vesta, Eleanor Vesta, Clarence Kaas, Frieda Lundberg, Adeline Lundberg, Mrs. Magnus Sagen, Phyllis Hanson and Alice Larson. The total amount received was $7.07.

March 20, 1931

            Dr. Miller, a member of the state Board of Health, was called to Whitehall Friday to diagnose the ailment which has been affecting many children in this vicinity. He stated emphatically that the disease is scarlet fever, although a very light form of it.

March 20, 1920

            At the village caucus last Saturday night, about 70 people turned out to name the ticket for the year 1920. A. Vold was nominated without opposition to succeed himself as chairman, but their will be contests for all three trusteeships. S.N. Hegge and N.L. Fredrickson will be on the ballot to succeed C.A. Adams, and incumbents A.O. Melby and Theo. Johnson will be opposed by O.C. Torson and Adolph Gilbertson, respectively. Oscar Elstad was nominated to run against Clerk F.N. Larson.

March 20, 1907

            At a special meeting held last evening, complaint was served on the village board alleging that Christianson & Hanson had sold liquor to minors and praying that the firm be compelled to show cause why their saloon license should not be revoked.

March 20, 1895

            O.M. Stevens, who has spent the past four years mining in Idaho, returned home yesterday.

March 20, 1883

            The Hale Dramatic Club will play “Among the Breakers” and “Rough Diamonds” at Scott’s Hall next Tuesday night. They play well. Give them a full house.

March 19, 1973

            The Whitehall district school board Monday accepted the resignation of Ken Stellpflug as head basketball coach. Stellpflug, who will continue as teacher and athletic director, will be succeeded by Myron Rice. Also accepted were the resignations of Spanish teacher Louis Ferris and agriculture instructor John Vizelka.

March 19, 1958

            Total circulation of the Whitehall free public library during 1957 was 13,229, an increase of 1,916 over 1956, according to Mrs. Wayne Luke in her annual report. At the close of the year there were 780 registered borrowers, total book stock was 4,602 and 260 books were added. Expenditures were $2,405. Members of the library board are: Mrs. E.O. Wilberg, president; Mrs. D.A. Bensend, secretary; Mrs. Lester Brennom, treasurer; and Mrs. Basil Erickson, Henry Aleckson, Miles Johnson and Carl Nordhagen.

March 19, 1948

            A program at the Fly Creek Community Club Friday evening featured a number of people of the valley in such play character parts as Henry Wheathearts, Shucky Stringbeans, etc. Those taking part were Elaine Fromm, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pierzina, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Alden Lyngen, Mrs. Jimmy Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Odell Hanevold, Mrs. Jimmy Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Everson, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Anderson, Mrs. Ernest Fromm, Alvin Grotem, Mr. and Mrs. Albin Hanevold, Mrs. Alf Moen, Almon Weverstad, Philip Hanevold and Harlan Grotem.

March 19, 1932

            Mrs. G.S. Rice was brought home from the Community Hospital Saturday, where she had been a patient since the previous Tuesday. Mrs. Rice had been suffering with the flu, followed by complications, but she was released without surgical attention.

March 19, 1920

            Clinton Dissmore came home from Madison Friday, where he had completed a term of study. He is taking the short agricultural course, having one year left.

March 19, 1907

            Mesdames Holtan and Sorenson gave a farewell party for their sister, Miss Olga Johnson, Tuesday evening.

March 19, 1892

            A meeting of the farmers tributary to the village was held Saturday for the purpose of further considering the organization of a cooperative to run the creamery. Such an association was organized, and it was voted to place the capital stock at $2,000, with shares to cost $10 each, and no stockholder allowed to hold more than 10 shares.

March 21, 1878

            H.W. Barnison and W.D. Edes, of the town of Dover, Buffalo County, were over here on Monday. They think if the roads between their town and Whitehall were put in passable condition, considerable trade from that section might be secured. There are many thousand bushels of wheat raised in that town, and it would be good thing for this place to secure their trade.

March 18, 1973

            Eight hardy golfers — John Berg, Oscar Lovlien, Ray Hagen, Norman Hegge, George Hegge, Bob Zimmer and Sanford Moen — braved chilly winds and extra water hazards at the Whitehall Country Club to play golf Sunday.

March 18, 1961

            Whitehall’s Len Ellison and Ralph Leahy of Cochrane were selected by tournament officials to referee the state championship game between Milwaukee Lincoln and Rice Lake, won 77-75 by the former, Saturday night.

March 18, 1945

            The Whitehall Cubs, reorganizing for the 1945 baseball season, held the first practice on the local diamond Sunday afternoon and found it in good shapte. A dozen men have been lined up for the season after losing one from last year, Roy Mattson, pitcher, having left in July for the Navy. For the pitching staff this year the Cubs will have veteran Wilbur Osgood and Ray Hagen of Pigeon Falls, while Bob Nehring will return as catcher. Others whbo are being depended on are Sheriff Basil Erickson, Postmaster Donald Warner, Dr. Mark Summers, Nels Hegge, Clifford and Rudolph Bautch, Charles Keilholtz, Leonard “Butch” Ellison of Blair and veteran of the diamond Jack Rohde.

March 18, 1932

            Mrs. Ben Pahnke fell on a slippery walk Friday morning while on her way from her home to her restaurant. She felt that she had hurt her left arm but it was not until noon that the wound began to pain unbearably and Dr. Koch was called. He found a fracture just above the wrist, which he reduced at the clinic.

March 18, 1915

            Milo Lamberson has resigned as assistant at the railroad depot and returned to the farm. He is succeeded by Fred Heuer of Wautoma, the brother of Mrs. F.C. Martin.

March 21, 1901

            Dr. Parker was called to Hale Monday night to see Tom Matchie, and found him suffering with a bad attack of bowel trouble.

March 18, 1886

            The skating rink seems to have lost its former tenacious grip on this good people.

March 17, 1971

            Sunset Memorial is the name for the new school building being erected west of Sunset Elementary. The name was chosen by a vote of the entire student body at Memorial High last week, from a ballot that also included West Glen, West View, Heritage, and Vocational and Arts Center.

March 17, 1958

            The Lions Club now has a total of $584 in its fund with which to start building restrooms for the swimming pool the coming spring, it was reported at the meeting on Monday evening. Of this amount, the Lions have raised $400 through projects.

March 17, 1943

            The fire department was called out three times during the March wind Wednesday, to put out chimney fires at the D.A. Bensend and Elmer Holden residences, and to save a brooder house with 1,000 baby chicks on the John Sygulla farm. The chicks and brooder house were burned before help could reach there, however.

March 17, 1930

      Little Bennie’s Orchestra will furnish music for a dance at the Opera House Monday night, sponsored by the Whitehall baseball team, the profits of which will be used for the purchase of new suits.

March 17, 1918

            The real harbingers of spring were here in large numbers for the first time last Sunday. The robin is a wise little bird, and his coming and song fills all the earth with gladness.

March 17, 1905

      Twenty-two applicants wrote at the teachers’ examination held in the courtroom by Superintendent Keith Friday and Saturday.

March 17, 1892

            Beautiful spring weather. St. Patrick's Day in the morning.

March 17, 1878

           Saint Patricks Day was duly observed by our citizens. The stores were all closed, and nearly all business except agame of base ball, suspended. Services were held in both of the churches, and the memory of the snake and frog banisher honored in more ways than one.

March 16, 1972

            The Wisconsin American Legion has selected Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Deputy Maurice Scow of Whitehall as one of the three outstanding law enforcement officers in the state for 1971.

March 16, 1960

            Bids will be opened at the Whitehall High School gymnasium Wednesday, March 16, for a new grade school to be located on land purchased last fall from R.A. Lamberson and located west of the Second Sunset addition on the west side of the city.

March 16, 1945

            The Pigeon Falls school children recently held a ski meet on the Thompson hill. A collection was taken and prizes consisted of candy bars, “cokes” and gum, were bought with the money. Winners were as follows: Class A, John Peterson; Class B, Wallace Thorson; Class C, Wallen Melby.

March 16, 1932

            Mrs. G.S. Rice was taken to the hospital Tuesday and today will probably undergo an operation for hernia. Mrs. Rice suffered with the flue and a severe cold and strained herself. Her daughter, Mrs. John Gilbertson of Mason City, Iowa, a registered nurse, came Wednesday to care for her. Mr. Rice is also ill with the flu and has been confined to his home for several days.

March 16, 1916

            August Goplin has material on the ground for a large barn, which he will build on his farm in Hale. The dimensions are to be 46 by 80, with an addition 22 by 36. When it is completed, Mr. Goplin will have one of the best barns in that section.

Thursday, March 19, 1903

            Henry Best arrived here last Monday from Tacoma, Wash. Henry is a member of the U.S. Navy on the battleship Wisconsin and obtained two weeks’ furlough to visit his mother. He went to Eau Claire Tuesday to see her. 

March 16, 1893

            West-bound trains are crowded daily with woodsmen returning home from the pinery. Lumbering camps are generally breaking up.

March 20, 1878

            We received a pleasant call from Postmaster Gale, of Galesville, on Saturday last.

March 15, 1973

            Junior John Peterson of Whitehall has been named to the Dairyland All-Conference basketball first team. Tom Monson was a second-team choice, and Roger Johnson, Dave Pientok and Mark Risberg were honorable mentions.

March 15, 1960

            A meeting will be held at the courthouse March 15 to consider the petition of the Coral City school district to dissolve and attach to the Whitehall district. The Coral City school board, consisting of Irvin Mallum, Earl Nelson and Philip Thomte, was authorized to draw up the petition after a special district meeting.

March 15, 1944

            Edwin Gilbertson and wife have sold their 40-acre farm in Irvin coulee, south of Whitehall, to Henry Kittleson, Eau Claire, possession to be given about March 15. The Gilbertsons will return to the Skogstad farm, between Whitehall and Blair, which they previously occupied.

March 15, 1932

            Mrs. Francena Chaffee, Whitehall librarian, who has been indisposed for several weeks, is recovering and Tuesday she enjoyed an automobile ride around town with Mrs. O.J. Eggum.

March 15, 1920

            The warm wind and light rains of Sunday and Monday had taken away all the huge banks of snow, and we began to feel the balmy breath of spring, when suddenly Monday night the wind shifted to a northeaster and a blizzard was on, accompanied by a wind that was almost a tornado. The belfry roof of the Methodist Episcopal church was blown off, a window broken in the Presbyterian church, windows in the business houses shattered, signs were torn loose, and reports from the county are coming in of the wreckage of several tobacco sheds.

March 15, 1906

            Andrew Hallingstad succeeds his brother Ole as cream gatherer for the Whitehall creamery association. Ole was a reliable man for the company, hardly missing a trip in three continuous years, but having bought a larger farm, he will devote his entire attention to agricultural pursuits.

March 15, 1894

            Tom Wold has returned home from Eleva. He thinks of trying his luck in the Rainy Lake region, northern Minnesota, this spring.

March 15, 1883

            It is rumored that Ed Gano, somewhat known in this vicinity, has gone west, in accordance with the well-known advice of Horace G.

March 14, 1973

            Casting has been completed for the Trempealeau County Arts Association 1973 production, “The Sound of Music,,” which will be staged June 16, 18, 23 and 25. Carol Ellison, Whitehall, and John Sundergaard, will take the lead roles. Directing the show will be Dagny Lund, Whitehall; vocal director is Florence Ellison, Whitehall.

March 14, 1960

            Mmes. Alyn Larson, Charles O. Johnson and Albin Oberlander of the Whitehall Women’s Study Club, appeared before the city council Monday to enlist its support in petitioning the Public Service Commission for signals at the Green Bay and Western Railroad crossing on West and Abrams Streets. The club ladies contend that the new Land O’ Lakes warehouse obscures the view of approaching trains on the former street, and Larson Building Materials on the latter.

March 14, 1945

            The Rev. N. V. Brink, pastor of the Methodist churches at Independence and Whitehall, was the guest speaker at the meeting of the Woman's study club Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Joseph Emerton. His topic was ‘"The Ethical Failure of Modern Literature.”

March 14, 1932

            Warden Theodore Johnson introduced the new spring style in conservation uniforms this week, which has subjected Ted to the close scrutiny by many an envious citizen who appreciates smart clothes. Traffic Officer Hank Theurer was seen giving Ted the once over when the two officers met on the street Monday. Ted’s uniform is green, with which go high top boots and a Stetson hat.

March 14, 1921

            H.C. Sveum was here Monday with two loads of butter from the York creamery.

March 14, 1906

            Mrs. Wm. Schafer entertained at a 4 o’clock coffee March 14, in honor of Mrs. J. Vold, who is soon to leave for North Dakota.

March 14, 1894

            The weather turned cold and blustery yesterday, and an inch of snow fell, and now March is “onto” her job.

March 14, 1883

            W.S. Hine, of the Northwestern Fur Company, was in town yesterday disposing of immense quantities of fur, comprising lynx, mink, mouse and wolf. His headquarters are at present at Osseo, where fur of all kinds is thicker ’n hair on a dog.

March 13, 1973

            Mark Risberg, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Risberg, is the youth Lion of the Month chosen by the Whitehall High School student council.

March 13, 1957

            Mrs. G.B. Anderson, Irvin Coulee, saw a robin March 13, the first reported to this office for this year. Others reported hearing the robins last week. But on Friday snow came, and along with it high winds. Roads were slippery in the county. The snow disappeared almost entirely by Sunday, but it’s still March — it snowed again on Monday.

March 13, 1945

            Community hospital notes: Kathleen, daughter of Kenneth Thompson, Whitehall, was admitted March 12 as a fracture case and dismissed the following day. Kathleen, three years old, fell from her baby buggy to the floor at home and broke her arm above the elbow. 

March 13, 1930

      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ringstad have cement blocks hauled and will soon have a residence erected on a lot just west of the Community Hospital bungalow on Park Drive.

March 13, 1919

            A letter from Clair Van Sickle to his parents says that he is well. Clair is anxious to get home, but says things look as though it will be six months before they can leave France.

March 13, 1906

            March showed her lion side of weather the first of the week. Sunday was cold and raw with a biting wind from the northwest. That flight the thermometer dropped to eight below zero.

March 13, 1890

            The snow is fast disappearing, and the sleighing is about whipped.

March 13, 1878

            Dell Darling is holding a writing school at the school house in this village. He is a good teacher and has about 25 scholars.

March 12, 1973

            A full house of more than 500 persons turned out at Sunset Memorial Auditorium Monday night for the public meeting called by the Whitehall Teachers Association to discuss complaints about the trimester system and discipline in the schools. District board members and school administrators disputed the WTA’s claims in interviews Tuesday morning.

March 12, 1959

            A landmark, which was built in Whitehall when it was founded back in 1874, was purchased last week by C. Andrew Kuhn, president of the John O. Melby and Co. Bank. The Theodore B. Olson property, which houses three business places in the main business block on the east side of Main Street, was purchased in order to give the bank room for expansion, which is planned for some future date.

March 12, 1945

            Miss Mayme Hallignstad, clerk of the Trempealeau County pension department, was sworn into a “Purple Heart” unit of the Womens Army Corps at Milwaukee Monday and after passing her physical examination and will report back there April 11, to proceed to Fort Oglethorp, Ga., for basic training.

March 12, 1928

      Gotlieb Klebig, motor patrolman on 53 out of Whitehall, operated his grader Monday on his route and did efficient work in clearing the road of slush and providing drainage. A little roadwork during the breakup saves many dollars in repair.

March 12, 1914

            Evan Longberg, who for the past five years had been a faithful and efficient employee in the Whitehall flouring mills, has resigned his position. After a few days' visit with his wife's family, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Jacobson of Hale, the Longbergs have left for Colfax, where he will farm it on the home place.

March 12, 1902

      A.J. Imeslund was examined before Justice Ecker yesterday on the charge of assaulting with intent to murder and rob one Ole Kensmoe, of Hale. He was bound over to circuit court, his bail being fixed at $500, which he furnished.

March 12, 1891

            Ludwig Solsrud is assisting in the register of deeds office this week. Mr. Olson is as full of business as an egg is of meat.

March 12, 1876

            Those of our citizens who undertook to make Arcadia last Sunday and slid down the bluff, tipped over, upset, got dragged and snaked through the brush, let their horses run away, and had to borrow a harness to get home, say that it is possible to get through to Arcadia by the ridge road, only on skates, “We believe you.”

March 11, 1969

            The Whitehall city council Tuesday night voted unanimously in favor of city financing for a new medical clinic building, which is needed to attract physicians to the community. Land has been acquired near Tri-County Memorial Hospital, and it is hoped that construction can begin this spring.

March 11, 1956

            Although light snow was predicted Saturday and Sunday, this area had its heaviest snow of the winter over the weekend. At least a foot of snow fell beginning Saturday forenoon. The snow was very pretty Sunday morning, even if it was hard to shovel.

March 11, 1943

            A bicycle was certified to Henrik Herness, Whitehall, by the Trempealeau County rationing board. 

March 11, 1930

      Gilbert Paulson nearly severed the index finger from his left hand Tuesday morning while splitting kindling. Immediate surgical assistance sewed the member in place and the wound is healing.

March 11, 1917

            The special meeting by the Hemans and Deckers have gone way beyond the expectations of most people. Sunday was one of the greatest days religiously that Whitehall has ever experienced. The morning sermon was a masterpiece, 42 persons assembled for a men's meeting, and in the evening the theatre was packed to the doors. Three-hundred and 25 persons attended throughout the day, and a man remarked the following day that more than one-third of the adult residents of the town were at the evening service.

March 11, 1906

            March showed her lion side of weather the first of the week. Sunday was cold and raw with a biting wind from the northwest. That night the thermometer dropped to eight degrees below zero.

March 11, 1894

            A couple of tramps were bastiled last Sunday night.

March 11, 1878

            Wm. T. Tesser departed for Kansas last Monday in search of a new home. He is the vanguard of several of our citizens who contemplate moving to that State if William reports favorable.

March 10, 1970

            The Whitehall city council Tuesday agreed to cooperate with Hutchins-Stendahl American Legion Post 191 in the latter’s plans to develop a lake and park area along the Trempealeau River on the city’s northeast side.

March 10, 1956

            The Whitehall area had its heaviest snow of the winter Saturday, when just over a foot of the white stuff fell between morning and late evening. Winds whipped the snow into four-foot drifts, and the Walgert Hotel was filled with travelers who decided not to buck the storm.

March 10, 1943

            Seaman First Class Glen Hamilton, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the Jap attack, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hamilton of Whitehall, for the first time in two years. He had been stationed in the Hawaiian Island from February 1941 until he departed for home late last month.

March 10, 1930

      Approximately 90 voters attended the village caucus held at the Opera House Monday night. A.O. Melby was nominated to succeed himself as trustee, but he declined the nomination, as he feels that he has served the village long enough to warrant retirement after more than 30 years. Judge E.F. Hensel rose and stated that he thought it was not only proper, but also fitting to extend Mr. Melby a rising vote of thanks for his faithful and efficient services on the village board for so many years. The entire group of citizens arose to express their appreciation.

March 10, 1916

            District No. 2, town of Pigeon, has placed an order for a new bubble drinking fountain. This will be the first in the county outside of the villages, as far as is known.

March 10, 1899

            Sever Morterud, a whilom merchant of this place, but now in business at Duluth, Minn., arrived here Friday on a visit to relatives in Pigeon.

March 10, 1887

            Our popular hardware man, E.H. Warner, has just added to his large stock a couple of the finest cook stoves ever offered for sale in Whitehall. No well-regulated family should be without a stove of this pattern and handsome finish.

March 9, 1971

            Chamber of Commerce members voted at their regular monthly meeting Monday to purchase a public address system, which will be available for use by various local organizations.

March 9, 1959

            The city council Monday evening accepted the resignation of city policeman Willard Blundy, who is moving to Arizona, he says, because of the cold climate here.

March 9, 1945

            In minor accidents over the weekend, several local people were hurt. Mrs. D.B. Klein, mother of Mrs. Bert Durand, fell backwards down the basement stairs Saturday, fracturing her left arm. W.J. Webb, 86-year-old bank president, fell on the ice near his home Friday. Hjalmer Foss, farmer living on the edge of town, received a cut above the left ear Friday when the belt on the saw mill he was operating came loose and struck him on the head.

March 9, 1933

            Contrary to rumor, the moving picture shows in this city will continue, say Dewey Bensend and Earl Larson, managers.

March 9, 1918

            It is supposed that March has a perfect right to act as it is doing. Last Saturday, a blizzard came during which more snow fell than we have had in all the storms before this winter. Last night, another six-inch fall was registered.

March 9, 1907

            The Misses Ingalls gave a unique sunrise party to about 20 invited guests Saturday. Rising early to be present at the appointed hour gave all a keen appetite for the nice breakfast served. The occasion was a most enjoyable one.

March 9, 1893

            Albert Storley of Preston has $5 worth of ivory rings stolen from the harness while his team was stabled in the Scandinavian House barn last Thursday.

March 9, 1882

            Ben Slyter has returned from the woods, and looks happy in a new suit of clothes and a pocket full of wealth.


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