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More Stuff

     The last page of the site features miscellany, starting with the September 1970 edition of Cabby Capers, the Yellow Cab and Transfer Co. newsletter. It was the first one issued after I joined the company, and the only one I seem to have saved. Sorry.

     You will also find a list of posts used by YCTC in late 1970, the lyrics to a cab driving song written by Ken Stone, who started at the company in 1972 and remains a friend to this day, and a taxi permit badge (not mine — bought by a friend who remembered I had driven cab). And a couple more photo galleries — one of images from the 1975 strike, and one of YCTC employees on- and off-duty. 

The Cabby Song

by Ken Stone

Drove a cab in New York City

When a dark-skinned girl who was rather pretty

Flagged me down one night for my last run

I was glad to have her, after hauling drunk cadavers

I said where to and then she pulled a gun

She said “Head Uptown and I ain’t gonna pay

I might even shoot you on the way

I’m mad at the world so what do you think of me?”

I said “I don’t think nuthin’ this ride’s on me

It’s absolutely, totally, and completely free

To anywhere in town you want to be.”


Drove in Chi-Town, sure is my town

An old drunk staggered up into the car

He said “I’m a man of wealth and fame

Do you recognize my name?”

I said “No,” he said “Take me to a bar”

So I dropped him at the nearest tap

I said “The fare’s a dollar and a half”

He fumbled in his pockets for the dough

Then he laid a fifty on the seat

And when I picked my eyes up off of my feet

He said, “Will that be enough?” and I said “I reckon so.”


Drove in Madison, Wisconsin

Crystal Corners, Park and Johnson

Whitney Way, the Square, and Circle Close

East Side, West Side, that’s the best side

Who laid out this city, heaven knows

Well I never thought I could get so lost

I can’t even seem to find my post

What’s a rookie cabby s’posed to do?

I always carry my book and my map

There sittin’ right here upon my lap

But I’ve been lost in Monona since 1972.

On Strike

Off-Duty or 10-8

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