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Empty Loads and No Destinations

Madison Yellow Cab and Transfer Co. in the 1970s


         Welcome to my web page about Madison Yellow Cab and Transfer Co. in the 1970s. I have started it at this time, in part, in honor of the 40th anniversary (as of July 1, 2015) of the closing of the company, and the end of the Teamsters Local 695 strike that led to it.

         I was hired by YCTC in August 1970, after flunking out of college seven months earlier and working a variety of odd jobs (some of them odder than others!) and trying to be a “street person” for part of that time. For most of the following five years, my primary occupation was driving and/or dispatching cab.

         This site will include news stories published in the Madison newspapers, obituaries of YCTC personnel, and photos I took during my tenure at the cab company, as well as essays that I wrote about my cab-driving experiences during my 40-year career in journalism. During my time at Yellow Cab, I played basketball and softball for the company teams; the site will feature box scores and photos from those teams’ seasons.

          Questions, comments and contributions can be emailed to: 

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