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Contemplating Clapton

Contemplating Clapton The big bag of free CDs (see my previous blog post) I received from my older brother last month included three Eric Clapton albums: “Slowhand,” “Journeyman” and “Clapton Chronicles.” So I spent some time last week listening to the English six-string wizard’s work. I’ve liked Clapton since his days with Cream — heard him with the Yardbirds before that, of course, but he wasn’t a household name then — but have never owned much of his solo work. He gets plenty of air/facetime on the sat radio stations I listen to, so I hear his stuff regularly. The only thing I had in my iTunes library, though, was a digitized version of his 1972 compilation “Eric Clapton at His Best.” But

That Big Ol’ Bag of Free CDs

Everybody likes “free” music, right? Remember Napster? Look at the popularity of Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc. But some of us like to own the music. So what if you could score a bunch of recordings for free? Like that big ol’ shopping bag full of compact discs I brought home a few weeks back. These cost-less-than-pennies from heaven came courtesy of my older brother. Jim, 70, retired and with few hobbies other than riding his Harley, collects CDs, haunting the second-hand stores in search of music he finds interesting. Which covers a lot of ground, because he likes everything from John Denver to John Lennon, and doesn’t mind trying something he’s never heard. He regularly calls me from the use

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