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Doin’ Yer Prom Themes

It’s that time of year, when Dad and/or Mom pony up for the dress, and the guys knot their black ties and strap on the cummerbunds. Yes, it’s Junior Prom time, when our nation’s teenagers repair to a high school gym or some other place decorated to look like, well, something. Possibly like the theme for that particular example of these annual social soirees — which is the theme of this week’s post. Prom themes, that is. And the impact of The Music on them. Those themes are quite often influenced by popular culture, particularly movies and music. But a random survey of prom themes over the decades indicates that song titles, anyway, have become less popular. For instance, a non-scientific sur

One for You, Nineteen for They

As I write this it is Tax Day, April 18, the deadline for filing tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service, and an opportunity to ponder the effect of taxes on The Music. But first, do you know why the deadline is three days later this year? If you said “because April 15 fell on a Saturday,” you’d be half right, but wouldn’t have explained why it wasn’t on Monday, the 17th. The reason — and I would say this is rich, but then the IRS would tax it — is that Monday was an official holiday in Washington, D.C. It was Emancipation Day, marking Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves during the Civil War. Certainly an important event, and worth commemorating — but the juxtaposition, of emancipation and

J. Geils' Band of Angels

The cause of John Warren Geils Jr.’s April 11 death was not listed as a broken heart. The deceased, of course, was the J. Geils whose band had a string of hits in the late 1970s and early ’80s. And which, although nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was not among those inducted only four days before its leader’s death, at the age of 71. I’ve given my humble opinion of the RRHF and its selection process in this space before, and won’t weigh in much on whether or not the J. Geils Band was deserving of the recognition or not. But there are certainly performers in the Hall who were, for me, anyway, less entertaining. Whatever his band’s merits, Geils’ personal story is interesting. Alt

The Hall of Fame Says, Yes!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will hold its annual induction ceremony this week — and, for the most part, I could care less. I weighed in on the nominees in this space last fall, in most cases not favorably. But I didn’t vote, so I shouldn’t complain about who did get selected — but will anyway. The fans who did vote, and the experts whose opinions were solicited and considered, selected three of the eight individuals and groups that I thought were worthy of induction: Joan Baez, Electric Light Orchestra and Yes. But two of those came from the bottom half of my top eight. My other five favorites were the Cars, J. Geils Band, Steppenwolf, Joe Tex and the Zombies. Instead, who’s going into th

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