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Making the Musical Fare Unbalanced

I usually try to avoid the taint of politics in this blog, but the level of political hysteria in our society has risen to the point where it’s infecting the people who play the music I listen to, and those who write about it. So this week I’m going to try to bring a little sanity and balance to the mix. Firstly, those who write about the music: I don’t read a lot of other bloggers, but the small sample I do sample seem to be all-in with the outs, who now call themselves The Resistance®. One of those that I read (that word should be pronounced as in the past tense) was particularly hysterical, doing call-backs to 1968 and other times of rebellion. He said he remembered those times, but I kno

Your Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s the 14th of February, so of course this week I’m going to blog about … You’re expecting that I’ll go all hearts and flowers, but that would be too predictable. Instead, I will take my inspiration from something I wrote the week of Valentine’s Day more than 30 years ago in The Sunny Side of the Street, the humor column I did in the Whitehall Times (and soon, any day now, to be available in book form): “Did you draw any cards … and did they turn up hearts.” Or clubs? Or spades? Or diamonds? Here follows some musical suggestions for your Valentine’s cards: You could draw all 52 (or 53?) right away, and play “The Deck of Cards,” the 1959 No. 71 recorded by future gameshow and “Teenage Dance

Got No Shadow?

Tomorrow, Feb. 2, is Groundhog Day, when, allegedly, a large rodent determines how long we will be shoveling snow and performing other winter-seasonal functions. What flavors of The Music should we listen to on such an occasion? First, a history lesson is in order. Groundhog Day is not the invention of the scriptwriters for a Bill Murray motion picture project, but has roots in ancient Christian and earlier pagan traditions. It coincides with, and probably grew out of, the Christian holiday of Candlemas, which celebrates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple and is the 40th day of the Christmas-Epiphany season. Candlemas is also the midpoint of winter season, and the six weeks hinging on M

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