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Music for the Hunt

Today marks the approximate midpoint of the annual gun deer season. That won’t apply everywhere CGIOMH is read, or at least viewed: India? Russia? Saudi Arabia (Hey, rock that casbah!). For those among this blog’s readership who have taken to the woods after the wily whitetail, what music should you listen to? Well, if you actually want to get your deer, you won’t want it turned up to 11 out in the woods, and those earbuds aren’t going to help, either. I don’t claim encyclopedic knowledge of every recorded song in rock and pop, but I can’t think of any that directly reference deer hunting. (Here, I am disregarding “Da Turdy Point Buck” and the other novelty songs by Da Yoopers.) But there ar

The Music Loses Two Opposite Influences

Over the past two weeks, we’ve lost a couple more artists who influenced rock and pop musics, quietly and in somewhat different ways. Leonard Cohen died Nov. 7 at the age of 82; Leon Russell was 74 when he passed away on Nov. 13. Cohen was in many ways the antithesis of a rock star. A native of Montreal, Canada, who was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, he came to folk music as a poet/songwriter, having enjoyed limited success as a writer of fiction and poetry. His first success in the music business, in 1966, was as a songwriter, when several artists, including Judy Collins, covered his poem “Suzanne.” He released his first album the following year, which included his version of “Suzanne

Bowie’s Last Testament

The last will and testament usually isn’t read for some time after the deceased’s passing. And so it was for me with David Bowie’s bequest to The Music, which I finally heard nearly nine months after his passing. I listened to “Blackstar” on the entertainment system of our American Airlines flight returning from Massachusetts Oct. 1, when I couldn’t find a movie or TV program that interested me. I’m glad I did, because it intrigued me enough to download the final album released during the life of one of rock’s most singular artists. “Blackstar” was recorded while Bowie was suffering from liver cancer, much of it likely after he became terminal with the disease. It was released on his 69th bi

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